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How to Choose A Shared Web Hosting Plan?

There are hundreds of web hosting providers on the Internet and choosing any one of them for your shared web hosting needs can be quite difficult.

You need to select a hosting company with a shared hosting plan that supports your business’ needs rather than creating roadblocks for your success. The right plan means the ideal feature along with the required capacities. Affordability is also an important factor, but it should not come at the cost of quality services and features. So how to choose the right shared hosting plan and provider to meet your needs.

How to Choose A Shared Web Hosting Plan?

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Load Times

Many web hosting companies will squeeze several websites onto a single server. If you have a website on one of these shared servers, your site will suffer from slow load times. It is these types of web hosting companies that offer hosting plans for the lowest rates. So if you want to save money, don’t expect your websites to deliver a better user experience.

So there is a perfect balance between affordability and website performance that you will get from your plan. The lesser you will be paying for your web hosting plan, the more sites will be present on your server.

An easier way to evaluate the quality of the web hosting service is to get a list of their clients with the same plan and visit their sites. You can check their load times and determine whether to sign-up for the plan or move onto another plan or another web hosting provider.

Storage and Bandwidth Limitations

Most web hosting providers will promise unlimited storage and bandwidth. But there is always some figure behind the term “unlimited.” Enquire about the peak restrictions so that you will never have trouble with your website. It happens to many businesses that their bandwidth and storage exceeds the so called “unlimited” capacities and their website goes out.


Backup is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a shared web hosting plan. You should learn about the type of backup facilities available for the different plans. There should be multiple layers of backup systems to deal with any type of unexpected situations.

There should be another backup if the server on which your site is hosted has some issues and the data cannot be recovered. The web host must have some backup even if the entire data center is destroyed because of fire or some natural disasters. There should be strong security systems in place so that no one should be able to access your accounts or delete the backups.

Usually, a good web hosting provider will use the latest and safest security systems available in the industry. It will also perform periodic backups of all data and store it in multiple locations to ensure multiple backups. You may also find the option to perform backups yourself so that you could always save copies of your data.

Location of the Web Server

The closer your web server is located to your targeted market, the faster your website will load. Besides, search engines may also use the location of the web host as a factor for determining the location of your business. So if you have a business in the US, it will be better to choose a web hosting provider with servers within the US.

Upgrade Options

Your business will keep growing with time. So will your website and the resources. Your traffic will grow with time and you will need additional resources to keep up. So you should choose a shared hosting plan that offers more than enough resources to keep up with your business’ growth.

You should also be able to get all the information about your monthly disk space and bandwidth usage and your traffic. You should also get information about your CPU Usage. There should be more than enough bandwidth and space available as a safety margin for the surges in web traffic. Besides, you may also need to upgrade when it is required to add something new.


As mentioned in the beginning, cost should not be the most important determining factor when choosing a shared web hosting plan. Free hosting plans are a big “no.” Search for shared hosting plans from different providers. Compare them for features and limits and prices. In fact, cost should be the last factor you want to consider and compare. A low-cost plan should always be avoided because it will most often mean that there are hidden issues. It is recommended to choose a plan that meets all your requirements and is reasonably priced.

So if you are looking for the best shared hosting plan for your website, make sure to consider all the above-mentioned factors. It will be a time-consuming process to research and compare, but the time and effort is going to pay in the long term.

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  • Finding a good shared hosting plan is a hard process because there are hundreds of companies providing the same plan with an exactly same price. But each of these enterprises slightly differs some of the above author mentioned features. I would recommend before buy any hosting plans you would check that company website regarding any mention of money back guarantee and then you can buy it. If you are not satisfied and you can ask your money they will transfer your money to your account without asking any question from you.

    Instead, you can buy one-month hosting account from that company to check whether they provide exactly what they mentioned before sales. If you are not satisfied, then you can quickly move your sites to another hosting provider.