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How To Speed Up IDM By IDM Optimizer Tool?

Download IDM optimizer to speed IDM (Internet Download Manager). Today we are sharing the working methods to increase idm speed with idm optimizer software 2019. We receive lots of feedback email and messages from our visitors to upload the idm optimizer tricks. So here finally on the demand of Qd Tricks visitors, we are sharing the working idm booster trick to increase idm speed.

As we all know IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the leading download manager in the world. It is used by so many users worldwide. It having the ability to increase the speed of downloading than any other download manager.

To increase the speed of downloading in idm we have one great application called idm optimizer also called as idm speed booster. Here we are explaining how to speed up idm by our idm booster tool. We have recently shared 7 ways to make android run faster which will help you to increase speed in your android mobile too.

IDM Optimizer To Increase IDM Speed

idm optimizer

There are so many people are looking for the answer of  “how to increase download speed in IDM?” and so on. Here is the answer of your all question and that is IDM Optimizer. It is one one of the best idm speed booster in 2019. This software is doing nothing but creates some registry entry and modify some important registry of IDM. IDM has the registry of connection speed and max number of connection which is been modified by this software. Also checkout our recently most popular article for this copy of windows is not genuine fix which can help you to fix the windows genuine problems.

IDM Optimizer Features

Lightweight and easy to use

The purpose of this tool is to tweak internet download manager to optimize the download process or speed and download the data in your computer much faster. The software comes with the very clean and simple interface which having only two buttons. One is “Maximize Now” button for tweaking the IDM and other is “Restore Default” to revert the changes applied by IDM optimizer.

Quickly get a boost of speed

Once you click on “Maximize Now” button, in a few seconds it will be applied to the IDM. The actual thing the IDM optimizer do is to tweak the setting of IDM and increase the speed of it. If you are not satisfied with it then you can simply click on “Restore Default” button to revert all settings to default.

Keep your downloads safe

This software supports the proxy connections. In addition, it allows you to use SOCK5 protocol & SOCK4 protocol to secure the download process.

How to Speed Up IDM?

Download IDM Optimizer 2019

First download the IDM optimizer tool

Extract It To Desktop

Open the download and extract all files to desktop

Open IDM Optimizer

Open IDM Optimizer tool you will get the below screen displayed

idm optimizer tool

Click Maximize Now

Click on Maximize Now! button.

Restart IDM

If it works successfully then you will require to restart IDM, below screen will be displayed.

idm speed booster

Restart your IDM

Download Speed Increased By 25%

Check downloads, download speed in IDM will be increased by 20 to 25%.

Download IDM Optimizer 2019


Follow Below Steps If You Find Any Error In IDM

Open idm optimizer tool

Click on restore default option. (This option will reset the registry setting of IDM. Now restart your IDM and now it is as it was before)

My Experience:

This IDM Optimizer software is used by me and I have never faced any crashing problem. I have also noticed little increase in downloading speed in IDM. It is one of the best idm speed booster I have seen ever. This application works best in multi-downloading. I got much increments in downloading when I download multiple file at a times. I can say my IDM download speed was increased by 20 to 25% with the help of this IDM Optimizer 2019.

Now it’s your turn to use this best idm speed optimizer tool and increase download speed. If you find any difficulties or face any error, comment here. If you like this tool then you can share it with your friends by below given social media sharing options. If you have any doubts then you can comment below, we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Bookmark this page to get latest updates idm optimizer 2019.

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