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Using LSI Keywords for SEO Benefits (Improve Your SEO)

LSI Keywords SEO is most trending these days. People are searching for “what are lsi keywords” & “how to find lsi keywords” on Internet. So here on Qd Tricks we are sharing the detailed guidelines on LSI Keywords.

When a web user search for a word “Blackberry”, do you know how search engines differentiate between various web pages which are available for “Blackberry Fruit” and “Blackberry Mobile”?

Well, these are the Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords which can help the search engines to know in details about a web page. Let’s have a look what LSI keywords are and how we can use LSI keywords for SEO benefits?

What are LSI Keywords?

In simple words, LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are the synonyms for your main keyword. These are the various possible keywords an internet user searches in the search engine bar.

Internet users have their own criteria for searching on the search engines. All internet users use different keywords for searching the same information. In that way they actually contribute in different LSI keywords for a single topic.

Why Should I Use the LSI Keywords?

There was the time when stuffing the main keyword 10-15 times in an article was the best way to rank a web page in SERP or search engine result pages. Today, search engines are becoming smarter and they can easily detect that a user is just stuffing a targeted keyword just for ranking on higher positions.

Best practice you can try is, using various LSI keywords in your article rather just focusing on main targeted keyword.

Whenever a search engine crawl your website they will not only detect your main keyword stuffing, but, they will also count your LSI keywords. In that way LSI keywords can help you to rank for the better positions in search engine result pages without spamming your web page.

Can I Use LSI Keywords for SEO?

Yes, why not? Listen, unhealthy keyword stuffing is one of the major types of black hat SEO practice which can actually hurt your website reputation. There are thousands of examples over internet where websites are penalized just because of keyword stuffing practice.

Using LSI keywords for SEO benefits is one of the safest SEO practice for ranking at higher positions in SERP. The best thing about using the Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords for SEO is that, search engines also appreciate this strategy.

lsi keywords seo

Actually, search engines expect the webmasters using the LSI keywords in their article so search engines can get the idea about a web page. Today, there are thousands of websites and web pages are available for every possible search over internet. It is not an easy task for the search engines to find the most relevant results for internet users. These are LSI keywords which can help the search engines for finding the most relevant web pages for a search.

Here are Various Benefits for Using the LSI Keywords for your SEO Campaign

Looks Natural

Using LSI keywords to boost your SEO factors looks more natural to both internet users and search engines. It doesn’t look like a spam activity. Using the same keyword can irritate the readers of your web page. Using LSI keywords for web page can enhance the interest of the readers.

Better Ranking

Using LSI keywords in your content can help you in ranking for some better positions in SERP pages. Search engines not only look for your main keyword in your content but they also detect the LSI keywords you are using in your content. If you are doing this smartly, it will definitely improve your overall SEO experience.

Stuff Your Keywords Without Spamming

You can protect your website from any type of penalties using these LSI keywords for the web page. Search engines are really very strict about any type of keyword stuffing activity. LSI keywords are the best way to stuff your keywords without spamming the web pages.

Rank For Many Possible Keywords

Using different LSI keywords in your web page content provides you with the opportunity of ranking for many possible keywords. You will not only rank for 1 or 2 targeted keywords but, you can rank for many possible LSI keywords.

Helps To Earn More Quality Backlinks

Using the LSI keywords is not only the best tool for On-Page optimization but, it can also help in Off-Page link building. As we know keyword variation is must to consider factors in Off-Page SEO so, using the LSI keywords in Off-Page practice can also help you to earn more quality backlinks for your website.

Ranking For Long Periods

If you are using the LSI keywords in your web page, it will enhance the possibilities that your web page will rank in the SERP for a long time. Your competitors have to beat you in many possible keywords to grab the SERP positions better than you.

How to Find the LSI Keywords for SEO?

There are a number of tools and plug-ins over the internet you can use for finding the LSI keywords for SEO practice but, believe me, nothing is better than Google Adword Tools and Google Search Engine Bar. They both are the best tools you can use to find all possible LSI keywords for your article.

Let’s talk one by one how we can make use of these tools to find the LSI keyword for your website.

Using Google Adword Tools to Find LSI Keywords for SEO Benefits

Most of us use the Google Adword Keyword Planner Tool to find the keywords for our website or for our article. These Google Adword tools can also be a great tool to find the LSI keywords.

Whenever you login to the Google Adword tools it always ask what you want to do next? Just select the option “Search for the new keywords“. Enter the main keyword and press “get ideas“.

This will show you all possible LSI keywords you can use for SEO campaign.

To explore more LSI keywords related to the main keyword, just copy one LSI keyword and paste it in search bar and again press ‘get idea’ option. In this way you can explore more LSI keywords for main keyword.

LSI keywords from Google Keyword Planner

Once you get the various LSI keywords, you will also get the monthly searches and competition for those keywords. I’ll recommend going for low competitive keywords so you can rank for them easily.

Using the Google Search Bar to Find the LSI Keywords

Another tool you can use for finding the LSI keywords for SEO campaign is Google Search bar itself.

LSI Keyword From Google Search

Once you type the main keyword in Google search engine bar, you will get the suggestion from Google itself. All these search suggestions are the possible Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords for you.

Using Google Related Searches to Find LSI Keywords

You can also find the LSI keywords suggested by Google at the end of the web page. These are the Google related searches for your main keyword. All these are the LSI keywords for your main keyword. Use can use some prefix or suffix with main LSI keywords to discover some long tail LSI keywords.

LSI keyword from google related search

Where You Can Use the LSI Keywords for SEO Benefits?

Once you have a complete list of LSI keywords next obvious question is, where and how you can use these LSI keywords for better SEO experience?

Here are Some Points About Using the LSI keywords to Boost your SEO Factors

Main Article With Keyword Density 1% to 2%

Use the LSI keywords in the main article. Your keyword density for main keyword should be 1% to 2% besides that, you should also use different LSI keywords in article.

Meta Tags

Use the LSI keywords in Meta Tags. You have the opportunity of using the LSI keywords in Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword Tags.

Heading Tags

Use LSI keywords in Heading (H2, H3, H4………) Tags.

Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags are also one of the best places where you can use the LSI keywords.

Anchor Text

Besides these On-Page SEO factors, you can also use the LSI keywords for Anchor text variation for link building practice for your website.

Social Media

We know how important social media optimization today is. LSI keywords can also be used for social media share for your posts and articles.


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