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20 Best Ways to Make Android Run Faster 2019

How to make android run faster is most trending this days. Know our best make android faster tricks and apply to make android smoother. Today we are sharing the best ways on how to make android faster 2019. We received lots of feedback mail to publish the ways to make android run faster. So here on Qd Tricks we are sharing the best 10 ways to make android run faster.

It can be a daunting task in pooling resources to purchase the latest smartphone. But the real picture comes out when you see that the much hyped speed and smooth performance is something of the distant past.

Plus, the budget at which such phones come never show that how much stuttering and lag it is. There are various methods to make Android faster and enhance its performance.

How To Make Android Faster 2019

make android faster

Be Up To Date

be up to date to make android fasterNowadays, it is common for most of the latest software to contain bug fixation and various improvised improvements, giving the Android devices the advantage of being faster. The software update does come with the Over The Air (OTA), making you eager to automatically install them. However, there is no harm in checking whether the update is installed or not.

  • All you have to do is go to the ‘Setting’ option and click on the ‘About Device’ and then go to the option ‘Software Update’, and see for the updates. This will really make your android run faster.

Clearing The Home Screen

If you have chosen a live mobile wallpapers, try replacing it with an interactive and active image. Plus you ought to remove the unwanted icons and try to reduce the available widgets to basic numbers. The less clutter a home screen is the faster and better its performance will be. This will really make your android smoother and faster.

Disable And Uninstall Unused Application

make android run faster by disabling unused appsA simplest methods to make Android run faster is avoiding unwanted and unused apps that hog a huge amount of space of the system. As we all know best android apps are very much essentials but here we have to remove those which is no more needed.

  • To clear the unwanted apps you have to go to the ‘Settings’ options and choose the app and swipe the ‘All Tab’ option. Once it is done, then checks the list and selects the apps which you don’t want. This tweak will really give you the answer of your query “how to make android run faster”.

If you still have doubts, then you can go to the Google and check. The procedure to remove is quite simple and all you have to do is tap on the given app which you don’t want and select the ‘Uninstall’ option.

Clear Cached Application Data

clear cache data to make android run fasterYou can clear the cached application data, making it easy for you to load the apps quicker that indirectly make your android run faster. At times while downloading or browsing any kind of data, the cached data will automatically get installed. This is one of the important steps to make Android smoother as clearing the cache data which help in avoiding the mobile being flaky. It is important that the cached data has to load fast but as time progress and the constant usage of it can lead to occupying of more space. You may even find cached data in those apps which you have stopped using. At times clearing the cached data will even help to remove the irritating flaky behavior.

  • To clear individual apps, first you need to go to ‘Settings’, and click on the ‘Apps’ and slide over the particular app which you want to clear. Then tap on the particular App and choose the option called ‘Clear Cache’.

Turn Off Auto Sync

Android auto sync turn off to make android fasterAnother important step to make Android run faster is reducing or turning off the auto sync. It is common for Android users to add various kinds of accounts to their smartphone. This will lead to the data getting automatically synchronized in the background, and pull out the new data and updates. This kind of synchronization will lead to having a deeper impact on the performance of the phone and not to forget even the battery life.

  • You can switch off this feature by simply going to the Settings option present in the phone. There you will find the Auto-Sync option under the Account and you just need to turn it off. However, it could be harsh for certain people whose mobile functions depend on the usage of Auto-Sync. If you don’t want to turn off the synchronization feature, you could reduce the frequency of the synchronization and dispose those accounts which you don’t want.

Factory Reset

Besides the above methods, you could resort to factory reset on periodic basis. By doing so, you can ensure that the device will be running and performing in best condition. This can be a good shortcut for cleaning the android device and removing the excessive junks that gets accumulated. However, before doing so, try to ensure that you take backup of the necessary files. You can even try this best android antivirus to remove junk files, malware and virus from your android phone.

Overclocking Device

overclocking apps to make android fasterAnother aspect that you do is overclocking the device which can boost the speed of your android device. It is possible to see the variations in the performance of Android devices especially in terms of processor as some of the OEMs would limit the speed. This is done so that the heat can be reduced and the battery life can be extended. Installing a customized ROM can be beneficial and simply rooting the android device is not going to automatically offer the required performance and improvements that you wish for. The same is with the custom ROM.

Basically, for certain devices which are no longer getting updated, custom ROM are the best means of getting the latest version of Android. With a certain amount of modifications you can customize the ROM, thereby getting some interesting tweaks.

Make Use Of Antivirus App

As we all know security of the phone is must to make any android mobile faster and smoother. Android system is having inbuilt defence system available inside to make any android mobile more powerful. And that will helps it to fight against malware and viruses.

install best android antivirus to make android faster

You have to start installing the best antivirus for android phone in your mobile to make it more smoother and faster. This will make your mobile phone stronger and ultimately it will make your phone security better.

Turn Off Animations Or Reduce It

To turn off the animations will 100% make your android smart phone faster. Animation makes mobile performance down that is too much sluggish and slow. It also consume lots of battery of your mobile phone. So by turning off this animation feature will lead to make your android phone more powerful & faster. You just need to go to the developer option in your android setting and turn of this animation feature.

Remove Bloatware

There are so many manufacturers who manufacture android mobiles. As we all know their mobiles are come with lots of pre installed apps which we are not able to uninstall from our hand. Companies like intex, samsung, micromax etx install lots of system apps which finally make in lead to poor the performance of the mobile. So here you will have to remove those bloatware from your device. Remember, you can only remove those bloatware, once you have rooted android device. Check this guidelines to root android without computer and this article to know best root apps 2019.

Are the tricks to make Android faster good?

There is no doubt that the tricks incorporated to make Android run faster and efficient is quite advantageous. One of the tricks which involves in reducing and turning off the animations would make the Android snappier and interactive. For this you have to use the Developer option. Just go to the ‘Setting’ options, and scroll on the ‘System section’ for the build number. Then you need to tap on it for seven times and you would see the message.

Nowadays, to get the full and efficient benefit of Android smartphone, you need to ensure that it has enough space and backup for storing various software and applications. It is quite worth if you clean and format the app once in while. Following the above given android tricks would not only boost the battery life but the life of the smartphone itself.

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