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MonBaby – The Safe and Advanced Baby Monitor for every Home

There’s nothing more important for a parent than to ensure the safety of their baby. How many times do you check your baby when he or she is asleep? As a dedicated parent, most of us are at a level where we can be called to be obsessed with checking time and again to make sure that our baby is breathing properly. Obviously, nothing could be more important for us than that. But with so many chores at hand, you cannot always keep an eye on your child. There’s a tiny, award-winning device known as MonBaby that keeps you informed about your baby’s breathing movement on a consistent basis. Get all the updates fed directly to your phone in real-time (at the rate of 5 times a second), so that you can always be at peace about your kid’s wellbeing.


How MonBaby Works?

This is a baby monitor that can be safely snapped to your baby’s clothing. It will look just like a button. Its primary function is to monitor the baby’s breathing movements. But it does much more than that, including:

  • Baby’s body position
  • Proximity detection
  • Fall detection

You could also set the kind of alerts that you want to receive. As a parent, we would want to set all the alerts! Wouldn’t we?

Sync with App

MonBaby has an iPhone and Android app which is installed on your phone. The Bluetooth enabled device will sync with your cell phone and keep sending real time data to the app. Even if you are away, you will get info about your child’s patterns. It is an easy to use app and makes it extremely easy to understand what your child is doing currently.

Why Choose MonBaby?

The primary reason is obvious why we all would want this baby monitor. But there are some technical reasons why it makes a must-have.

Smart Sensor – The smart button has a unique sensor that detects breathing movements.

Bluetooth Tech – The device uses Bluetooth as a safe and low-power technology. It is already used in various medical devices and cell phones.

Universal Design – It can be attached to your child’s clothing using a simple mechanism. It is a universal design that doesn’t require any special modifications. Fix to any clothes.

Longer Battery Life – There’s no need for charging the “button” everyday. The simple coincell battery has long battery life. There are no wires for your baby to get entangled in.

Affordability – MonBaby is the perfect combination of affordability and versatility. It delivers all the required features sat affordable pricing.

No More Sleepless Nights

There’s no longer any need to spend sleepless nights worrying if your baby could feel exhausted. You don’t have to spend your nights waking up and keeping a watch over your most “precious gift.”

The device has a minimum 15-second threshold. If it doesn’t detect any movement for this duration, it will alert you on your phone in an instant. What makes it even more unique is that it can send you an alert whenever your baby flips over and is not sleeping on his or her back. It is worth noting that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that newborns must sleep on their backs.

All the alerts sent out by MonBaby are made in the form of highly audible signals.

Safe Sleep for Baby

Most parents don’t have proper knowledge about how to ensure safe sleep for their children. There are many sleep positions which are hazardous and must be avoided. The experts behind MonBaby also provide an educational resource for all parents to help with the safe sleep of their babies.

SafeSleep is an industry leading resource from MonBaby that guides you with the right methods to ensure safe sleep for your baby, especially through that first year. The first year of your baby can also prove to be difficult and tiresome for you as a parent. This program will also help you with tips on how to reduce the stress and strain while being able to spend more time waking up yourself.

Ask all your questions to MonBaby and you will get answers from world’s leading physicians who are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control. The goal behind the SafeSleep program is to make life easier for new parents and safer for newborns. Besides, there are valuable articles on the resource page, where you can learn about various crucial aspects of taking care of your child, with topics ranging from SIDS to Neonatal Care to Apnea.

MonBaby is different from the other audio/video baby monitors available on the market. Your child’s breathing and activity signals are the most important factors for you, something which cannot be detected by other systems. It will give you peace of mind about your baby’s wellbeing!

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