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100 Most Pointless & Useless Websites To Brighten Up Your Mood

Top 100 most useless website you didn’t know existed. Before seeing them I never knew they really existed. Check out this most useless website in the world exclusive shared by Qd Tricks.

Online Entertainment has become very common these days. May it be a small break from work or boredom killing you, online social world is the only source of entertainment lately. Has it ever happened to you? No matter how many sites you search online, you always end up using Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes those funny memes on Facebook and interesting Tweets on Twitter set you back on the couch with no fun at all.

Most of the time people spend numerous hours on Facebook and as they don’t find anything else to do, they keep on checking and re checking it again and again for a new feed. You can also check this best prank websites to troll your friends and make some fun.

If you are at the same routine work job, you might require a 10-minute break can fill the gap. To cut off your boredom, we have brought to you an amazing deal of some funny most pointless websites. Yes useless websites. These will provide you a lot of entertainment. Following useless websites can help you waste your time to kill monotony and enjoy doing nothing.

100 Most Pointless Websites 2019

most pointless websites 2019

We have created a fun list of some useless websites that will leave you with lots of laughter and enjoyment. Every pointless website has an interesting element to captivate your interest for no prominent reason. This is the most useless collection from the world of the useless web. These websites may be of no use or may be for no specific purpose but will definitely brighten up your mood. From Snowman to the last page of the internet, you will find some websites pretty humorous.

Sharing these most pointless websites to annoy your friends is also a great idea to have some fun.

You’re getting old

Your'e Getting Old a useless website

After using this useless website, you might feel old, but, on the bright side, you’ll learn as to how old you exactly are. I’m as old as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s daughter combined! This site provides the full of interesting stuff reports from your birth date. You just need to add your birth date and then Click on Go button.

The Nicest Place On The Internet

Did the make everything OK not do the trick? No problem, you can pay a visit to the loveliest place on the Internet. There you will be able to soft, comforting music and will also receive hugs and smiles from a slew of people who will be telling you that everything is going to be all right.

Make everything OK

make everything ok useless site

Did you feel depressed after realizing how old you are? Don’t you wish to forget everything? All your stress and worry? Well, there’s a useless website for that. All you need to do is push a button and that will make all your distresses disappear.


Sometimes you might not be able to find a point in pursuing something in particular. This useless website won’t provide you with an answer, but you will find a photo of a person pointing exactly at your cursor from here. It is much more than just useless.

This is the most pointless website will help you experience a long-lasting falling impression, both visual and auditory. Hallucinogenic drugs are of course not included but headphones are strictly recommended.

Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

Wiggle the mouse through this most pointless website and enjoy a psychedelic light show.

Warning: I suppose this may trigger epileptic seizures. Please visit at your own risk.


What’s the infamous spy agency up to? You can find out here. It’s a casual NSA-inspired headline generator. You never know, there may to more to this useless website than it meets the eye.


Useless is one thing, but where’s the crankiness? Here it is. Try to make sense of its many mini-games and bizarre audio-visuals. One of the most entertaining sites of the useless web.

Adobe Crossword

Do you know what hackers do with your passwords? Well, some make entertaining crossword games. It is based on the actual Adobe password disclosure. Try to find yours.

(But, then change it immediately)

Most Exclusive Website

A website so exclusive, only one person can be on it at a time.

Watching Grass Grow

Watch as a lawn’s grass grows. Exciting!

I Am Awesome

It’s true.

Paper Toilet

Play with a toilet paper roll.


Just purple.

Please Like

A simple Facebook like button.

The Best Dinosaur

One dinosaur is superior to all of the others.

Ten Cents

A dime.

The Worlds Worst Website Ever

It’s pretty awful.

Other Most Useless Websites 2019

Useless Websites URLThe Useless Web Descriptions
mostexclusivewebsite.comGreat website to waste or kill your time
theworldsworstwebsiteever.comThe dreadful web design to freak out
wikipeetia.orgCreative hidden search directory
papertoilet.comPlay with a toilet paper roll
ismycomputeron.comA BIG YES! A weird website
pleaselike.comA simple facebook like request
heeeeeeeey.comIt’s a HEEEY HOOO website to have a look at
iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples.comFAT lady reveals the hidden tactics to swirl
tencents.infoShout out! It is revealed
watching-grass-grow.comBackground music will rejuvenate the moods
iamawesome.comWell decided that I AM AWESOME.
thatsthefinger.comOne of the best pointless websites
omfgdogs.comAre you behind dogs or dogs behind you?
staggeringbeauty.comMind-boggling web page to shake up your mind
purple.comAll about purple
fallingfalling.comEverything is falling down, falling down
thebestdinosaur.comOne dinosaur is superior to all of the others around with nature.
donothingfor2minutes.comDo nothing for two minutes.
sanger.dkWiping off completely!
trypap.comDiscover the Aggressive Password Finder.
rrrgggbbb.comThat’s Whole R G B. Read it? Now view it.
koalastothemax.comReveal the minor! Hover to the maximum
partridgegetslucky.comHolding Guitar? Follow the moves
zombo.comDisplays Zombo, but a colorful Zombi.
yyyyyy.infoCan you solve the mystery? Maybe, a scary one
haneke.netConnecting Networking! Drop and Collect.
fallingguy.comSave me Please! Is either Up or Down?
cant-not-tweet-this.comBut, it tweets!
grandpanoclothes.comA muscular Granpa, with NO CLOTHES?
r33b.netThrough the eyes of the Hypno-toad.
republiquedesmangues.frI am a sparkling and annoying Mango Guru
taghua.comIt goes higher, higher and wider.
ouaismaisbon.chSay it louder. Yes, More louder?
ducksarethebest.comQuack, Quack. How about a duckpage?
intotime.comGo deep into the frames to find secrets.
beesbeesbees.comScream Louder! BEEEEEEEEEES.
crouton.netLove croutons?
muchbetterthanthis.comWere you looking for KISSMETRIICS?
ninjaflex.comThe muscles can give a tough fight
ihasabucket.comBucket belongs to me. won’t let it to be stealed
ringingtelephone.comSomeone is on Phone. HELLO! HELLO!
minecraftstal.comAn epic flute solo.
imaninja.comA blank screen depicts the story.
pixelsfighting.comWho first reaches to the end point? It’s a match!
corndogoncorndog.comOne corn dog with another corn dog? Oops
salmonofcapistrano.comJust a bunch of ads.
corgiorgy.comORGY’S party in the house!
electricboogiewoogie.comA boogie woogie you can’t reach at.
whitetrash.nlTake the art of creativity to the next level.
patience-is-a-virtue.orgVisit only, if you’ve endurance.
secretsfornicotine.comMove the secret 3D wherever you want.
theendofreason.comIt’s just the end of the story. Move flawless.
baconsizzling.comSizzling hot! Bacons are just about to get served.
isitchristmas.comA quick response reveals the answer.
leekspin.comSomething you won’t understand.
dogs.are.the.most.moeThis is the way to do rock n roll. Stop, if you can!
sillytwitterbio.comGenerate a silly twitter bio for amusement.
biglongnow.comOpen infinite doors. last one in our collection of useless sites

The last one in our collection of useless and most pointless websites in the world of the useless web. You have reached the very last page of the internet. Time to say GOODBYE to the useless websites and SHUTOFF your device. Go outside!

Hope you enjoyed our collection of the most pointless websites. Share this post with your friends to have fun together of the useless web. Bookmark this  page to get more updates on useless websites 2019.

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