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How To Move Apps To SD Card Without Rooting?

It is amazing what an android Smartphone can do. There are many installation guides available on the net, but here we will be seeking the solution for how to move apps to SD cards without rooting. It is possible to move apps to SD card without rooting your android device. There are so many wondrous functions that an android can perform on. Be it the installation of the apps or currently the new feature, Google assistant, everything is perfect about the Smartphone, literally! As the version up grades, the Smartphone becomes more accessible to its user. If there are apps, there is Smartphone, and this is quite visible purpose of the Smartphone manufacturers.

Move Apps To SD Card Without Rooting

how to move apps to sd card without rooting

The apps and smartphones, both are dependent on each other for the functionalities that they offer. Currently, what we will deal right now in this article is how to move apps to SD card without rooting android device. It might sound odd, but yes! It is possible to move apps to SD cards without rooting. It may be that you have tried and tested many methods after watching the tutorials and reading the articles of moving the apps to the SD cards, resulting in nothing but just disappointments.

You may think why the article is talking about moving apps to the SD card when I can do it without any error? Well, we are talking about moving the inbuilt apps which are already present in the device, but not those which you have downloaded from the play store. The reason to move the apps to the SD card is to free some space on the phone device, thus enhancing the system speed of the OS. If you have made several attempts for doing so, and have failed, then your search has come to an end at the perfect source. If you still wants to know how you can root your android device then move on to this to know root any android mobile without pc.

How To Move Apps To SD Card Without Rooting

The answer or solution to the above question is simple: get the marshmallow version of the android OS. Well, if you have the android Smartphone with the marshmallow OS version, then the rooting is not at all required, and if you do not have, then it will be suggestible that you update your android OS to marshmallow. Hence this will help you to move apps to SD card without rooting the android device. If you have the marshmallow android OS already, then follow the below guidelines:

  • From the main menu, go to settings
  • Now scroll to “storage and USB” in the settings and tap on it
  • Tap on SD card under the portable store
  • Now go to the three dots at the right hand side of the screen at top
  • Select the format as internal
  • Instead of formatting, have the backups of the data
  • While you back up, tap on “erase and format
  • In few moments, the data will be formatted
  • After the formatting process, your device is ready now to move apps to SD card. Select “move now“.
  • With the help of setting, you can move apps to the SD card from the internal storage
  • Select the app that you want to move and tap on change, selecting SD card
  • After you select the option “move” the app will move to the SD card.


This was all folks about how you can move apps to SD card without rooting. The reason why we preferred you to have the marshmallow version of the Android because while you include or insert SD card in the device, it will run simultaneously and will perform the function on the automate basis. The method will only works if the Smartphone has the marshmallow OS version, otherwise, try to upgrade it. We hope that you must have liked this article and you can share this informative piece with your friends through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google. If you face any error or issue while following the method, you can leave your message in the comment box; we will reach out to you soon.

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  • I use the marshmallow version and I’m totally satisfied with it. I didn’t know about the possibility of moving apps to SD card without rooting, so thanx a lot for this useful tip, I’ll try it tomorrow and send the result later on. Cheers!