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How To Install Nintendo 3DS Emulator On PC, Android, Mac & iOS?

Here, we will discuss how to install Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC, Android, iOS, Mac and also the information on Nintendo 3ds emulator. Follow the article for proper and hassle-free installation.

About Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Announced in 2010, Nintendo 3ds emulator is one the great gaming console manufactured by Nintendo which plays the 3D graphics and effects without making the use of any 3D accessories.

Nintendo 3ds received a great response in the same year it launched and also made the compatible to the devices of DSi and DS games. It helps the player to play 3D games with minimum bugs and errors in PC, iOS, Android and Mac.

The upgraded version of Nintendo 3ds works much better and efficiently than the first version of Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. The latest Nintendo 3DS emulator has come with the upgrade of fixing bugs and issues to ensure the proper functioning. It supports all platform but at different intervals. It cannot run on PC, Linux and Wii at the same pace.


Nintendo 3DS Emulator Package

Nintendo 3DS emulator offers two supplements with its bundle:

  1. Compact flash/FAT emulator
  2. Synchronous mode of SPU to stream video and audio.

Nintendo 3ds emulator PC Android Mac & iOS

Many types are available with different settings of Nintendo 3DS emulator. Most of the 3DS emulator performs well with the help of high amount of settings in it. The parameters vary from one emulator to another because every game requires different settings for the higher performance and the settings are according to the requirements, graphics and data of the match that you would like to play on Nintendo 3DS emulator. At times, some Nintendo 3DS games do not run properly on Nintendo 3DS emulator, so the settings of that emulator need to change as per the set requirement to meet the optimum level.

Nintendo 3DS emulator can be customized in the settings and every game is playable in different resolutions up to 720p. But before proceeding further to play via Nintendo 3DS emulator, make sure that your 3DS emulator is compatible with your windows and Smartphone. If it is not supported, there are chances that you might get an error while playing and if that occurs, check on the DISABLE FOG option under settings.


Nintendo 3DS Emulator Features

Check the features of Nintendo 3DS emulator below:

Great Audio

Gives the acoustic experience of game while playing

Realistic Experience

It has aliasing filters which give practical experience

Auto Save

Pause and play the game as whenever you want to

Higher Resolution

It provides an opportunity to play at high resolution up to 720p

3D Camera

3D camera in the emulator allows the player to download the game and play on the other consoles as the player always used to.

Social Apps

It is integrated with other social apps like Nintendo e-shop, YouTube, Netflix, swap note, etc.

Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulator List 2019

The Nintendo 3DS emulator is not developed just to play on Nintendo game console, but also to be played on android and windows. To make you aware of how many Nintendo 3DS emulator are available in the market, we have listed down top 5 Nintendo 3DS emulators so that you can choose the best among them.


It is available for only Windows which run commercial games with minimum bugs and issues. Very easy to play and use as its interface and navigates in a simple manner.


Again, this is too available for only Windows; it is free Nintendo 3DS emulator which allows to run maximum free commercial games.

Citra 3DS Emulator

It is user-friendly, first open source DS emulator and allows to play 3DS games on Windows, Mac, OSX and Linux.


Specially designed for windows, it allows to run the commercial 3DS games such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Super Mario 64, etc. if you love gaming hard, then you must get the iDeaS


This is Nintendo DS Lite/DS advanced version designed for GameBoy games. This Nintendo 3DS emulator extends up to Vista and XP versions of windows. Though it is available for free, only to the limited period and then you can get it for $2.50 for the complete version of the game.


Think and choose for the best future results of gaming from the above list. If you have already purchased Nintendo 3DS emulator, check the installation guide for your PC, Android, Mac and iOS.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, PC, Mac & iOS

We hope you all now understood the details information about Nintendo 3DS emulator. Now we are sharing the steps to download and install this emulator on any android device, pc, mac or any iOS device. Below you will find the detailed guidelines on it.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android

Many 3DS games do support Android phones enabling the device users to enjoy the Nintendo 3DS games via Nintendo 3DS emulator such as Mario Kart 7, Pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire, fire emblem awakening etc.

With the help of Nintendo 3DS, you can transfer all the necessary files of Nintendo 3DS games data to your Smartphone. With this, you will be playing old Nintendo DSi games, Nintendo games and also new release on your Android. Here are few steps to download Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android OS:

Steps To Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator On Android Device

  1. Download Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android: Link 1
  2. Access the download file and click to install
  3. After installing tap on icon to start the function of 3DS emulator on your device
  4. Play your favorite game soon after this!

Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC

The best Nintendo 3DS emulator, for now, is citrus emulator which allows playing 3DS games on PC. For the horizontal runs of every commercial game on the citrus emulator, it should have its graphic chip with open GL 3.2 compatibility and an i5/ i7 processor for higher performance. It is compatible with all 64 bits of windows including Linux, OSX.

Steps To Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC

  1. Download the citrus emulator from this site
  2. Extract the download file and click to setup
  3. POP UP confirmation will be asked for the installation of 3DS emulator.
  4. Click on the “NEXT” by accepting the add-on, plugins, T&C
  5. After the installation, the shortcut will be visible on your PC
  6. INSTALL the bios after the successful installation of citrus emulator by following instructions on screen
  7. After the completion of the above 4 steps, download your favorite game and launch the game in 3DS mode


Nintendo 3DS Emulator For MAC

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is a lot simpler than any other device. There are various options available for the Mac to play Nintendo 3DS games via Nintendo 3DS emulator. Follow the quick steps to install Nintendo 3DS emulator on your Mac.

Steps To Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator For MAC

  1. Download Nintendo 3DS emulator for your Mac from this site
  2. Select the download and click setup
  3. Follow the instructions and accept the plugins for the installation
  4. After the installation, look for the shortcuts of Nintendo 3DS emulator on your Mac
  5. Launch the game and after doing so, load the ROM and play on via Nintendo 3DS emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator For iOS

Before proceeding further, make sure your device has iOS 9.0 or latest one to run this program.

Steps To Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator For iOS

  1. Download Nintendo 3DS emulator for iOS from this link
  2. Double Click on the downloaded file to install
  3. Go to SETTINGS
  4. Choose general profile under device management
  5. Find the app that says “Guangdong” and click on “trust” option twice
  6. RUN the app on your iOS device and download the games. PLAY ON!


Final Words!

All the above steps and guides are full proof and so you can download Nintendo 3DS emulator without any glitches on your Android, iOS, Mac and PC. So now no more waiting and wasting time you gamers just go ahead and download as per your convenience. If this article of nintendo 3ds emulator was helpful to you, bookmark and share it with your close pals via Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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