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5 Tricks To Download Entire Website For Offline Access

On the constant run, we are always in the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and for this reason, the developers have created the applications and the software. These applications and software can help you to access the websites offline or let’s say for the later reading. Check out the cool tricks to download the entire website on the device for the offline use.

With the 3G and 4G data speed connection, people have now lost the sight of patience, either left with little or no patience for any tasks or the actions. With the changing times and priorities, the competition has become very tough to stay informed about everything. The FOMO- fear of missing has made the people now cautious and therefore, to gain the information from across the net on the specific subject is difficult. While the slow internet connections have already made the people lose out their cool, to access the important web pages on the quick basis has become impossible with the snail speed of the data connection.

Tricks to Download Websites to Access Offline

how to download the website to access offline

The advanced technologies and the tech geeks have now introduced such software which can download the entire websites for the offline reading. Such software will allow accessing the websites in the offline mode, without the need for the internet connection. The trick here provided is simple, and also you can save those websites for the later use, accessing innumerable times. The important web pages can be even saved with the help of tricks and software. We have listed six tricks including software to download the websites for the offline mode.


It is the software which will help you to download any websites and access them in the offline mode. The HTTrack can also help you to save and store the websites on the drives for the permanent basis. Follow the instructions provided here for successful installation and then proper access of the software.

Download And Install HTTrack

First of all, download the HTTrack software from the link provided here. (HTTrack software download link)

Install HTTrack

Complete the installation of the software following the on-screen instructions.

Open HTTrack

Now open the software and then enter the name of the project, category and also the default path to save the downloaded websites.

open httrack software

Enter Details

Start entering the details and click on NEXT.

enter details

Enter URL Of The Website

Enter the URL of the website you would like to download, in the text box

enter website URL

Click Finish

Paste the URL and click Finish

click finish

Website Download Process

The download of the website will be done within minutes, depending on the data speed connection.

website downloading process

Browse The Website Offline

Once the website is downloaded, go through the saved path and then you can browse the downloaded website in the offline mode.


It is the website grabber which allows the user to download the website according to the user desire and convenience. Check out the procedure for how you can use the GetLeft.

  1. Foremost, download the GetLeft software from the link given here. (GetLeft Download Link)
  2. Now launch the software and with the CTRL+U enter the URL and the directory.
  3. Select the files you would like to download for the offline access.
  4. Within minutes the assigned files will be entered and also integrated in the system.
  5. Browsing the saved website has now become simple after the fourth step is done.


If you are considering the free tool to copy and save the websites for the offline access, Cyotek webcopy is the most convenient tool for the device. The Cyotek can copy both- partial and full websites saving on the local hard disk for the next read. From the extensive configuration of the webcopy, the Cyotek allows you to decide which segment of the website should be copied and how it should be done.

  1. First, launch the app and then click on the F5 key.
  2. The webcopy window will get launched and then it will ask you to enter the name of the website as well as the destination folder.
  3. The download process will get complete within minutes, depending on the data speed connection.
  4. After the download is done, you can launch the file and then access the saved downloaded website.

Offline Downloader

It is the perfect software where you can customise the download of the websites. The program is designed as per the convenience of the users.

  1. First, download and install the software from the link given here. (Offline Downloader download link)
  2. Launch the software and enter the URL you want to access in the offline mode.
  3. Select the download file type and click on the download tab.
  4. Now you can download the websites however you want.
  5. Include the sections of the websites you want and exclude the ones which you do not need like domain name, types of files, directory, size or any other website properties.


With the Web2Disk you can make all the downloaded website links work directly from the hard drive. The UI of the software is such that the offline mode access of the website will provide the design like the online mode. Once the website is downloaded, you can access them from any browser.

  1. Download and install the Web2Disk from here. (Web2Disk download link)
  2. Now type and enter the URL in the ROOT URL box.
  3. Browse and locate the folder in which you would like to save the website for the offline access.
  4. Click on the GO tab and let the website be saved on the desired folder.

A1 Website Download

It is straightforward to download and access the complete website with the A1 website download software. There are two versions of the software- Paid and trial version. We will be sharing the instructional steps for the paid version of the software, though you can try the trial version for 30 days without any interruption.

  1. First of all download the A1website Download from the link provided here. (A1 Website Download software download link)
  2. In the website domain address field, paste the URL which you would like to copy.
  3. Click on the START SCAN tab.
  4. In few minutes, depending on the data speed connection, the website will be saved in the desired location. You will be notified about the successful completion of the website download.
  5. Check out the path where the files are saved.
  6. Access through the files and then double click on it to run them.
  7. The web page will be launched on the browser without the need of the internet.


These are the prominent software to download the entire websites on the PC and access them in the offline mode, though there are yet many available on the web. All these software will help you to access the websites on the browsers without the need for the data connection and saving your time as well.

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