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Top 11 Best On Page Optimization Techniques in 2019

New seo techniques with best on page optimization techniques 2019. Check all new on page seo techniques 2019 exclusive shared on the demand of Qd Tricks visitors. On page optimization techniques will help you to get higher and good ranks in the search engine as it would instantly boost up your blog’s or website’s traffic. Of course, ranking higher and at a better position is not as easy as you think. One needs to follow various on page seo techniques i.e on page optimization techniques in order to get high ranks for your blog.

A nice on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important and often required to get good and high ranks in search engines i.e. Google. There are various on page seo techniques you could follow.

On page SEO steps often consist of making improvisation on the title tags and doing a great amount of internal addition of links. In addition, it involves in adding keywords and putting relevant and good descriptions in order to get the blogs indexed and rank in the higher position on the search engine.

Defining On Page Optimization Techniques

on page optimization techniques

Basically, on page optimization means the methods or steps followed by an individual in optimizing the contents so that search engines can rank them high. Various aspects like Meta Descriptions, Title tag, Keyword Research, etc simply comes under one category or the so called On Page Optimization.

11 Best On Page SEO Techniques 2019

Below are some on page optimization techniques which you can follow to optimize your web page:


on page optimization techniques with title tags

The first step in on page seo techniques is using low competitive keywords in the title. Basically, it is important to keep in mind that the title of the given post plays a major part or role in search engine techniques. Also you need to check out whether the given title has to be less than 60 characters. Avoid using shorter titles, as short titles will not rank good in the search engines. In addition, it has to be not less than 40 characters.

Meta Description

The next  step in on page optimization techniques is using keywords in the meta description properly. These so called meta descriptions are quite significant for search engines. However, in the future, most of the search engines would simply ignore meta descriptions. Basically, the meta description informs the searcher what that page is all about and is also one the best on page seo techniques 2019.

on page optimization meta description

Make sure that the title is short and attractive (not more than 60 characters) and it should inform what the given page is all about. Of course, you could use the keywords here as search engines would use the keywords for ranking the website.

Post URL

Permalink or URL of the Post is quite advantageous in on page seo techniques 2019. Now a permalink is nothing but a normal link which you would see once the post is published. Also you need to fit in mind certain rules:

on page seo techniques url tags

  • URL of the given post has to be short not so long
  • It should not have more than 4 to 5 words.
  • It should only provide the summary of the given article.
  • Also you do need to keep in mind that having a keyword on the link would simply be good for you to rank in Google.
  • Ignore the words like “how,and,is,to,of,on,at,for etc” in URL because its simply neglected by Google.

Heading Tags

The next most important factor in On Page Optimization techniques is the use of Heading Tags. You need to use the heading tags in a proper manner. The most important aspect with regard to the title of on page SEO strategies is manipulating the heading in a proper manner.

on page seo techniques heading tags

  • You may use the H1 tag as the main heading of the blog
  • H2, H3 as the tags for the sub headings.
  • It is important that to use relevant keywords for the H2 and H3 tags.

It is often common to see that most of the bloggers would simply fail to use such heading tags. So, such tags not only play a great role in optimizing the on pages but even provides the user a good experience. It is one of the most important on page optimization 2016 techniques to follow.


Keyword Analysis And Their Use

On Page Optimization having more importance on proper keyword research and its use in on page. You need to put all targeted keywords into the title of a single post. Remember don’t do keyword stuffing, you are writing for humans not robots. It is important that before you give the title for the page content or post, you would have to analyze it and check out the keywords which are the best defined in the post content and pages. So, in order to get this you need to use online tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and try to evaluate the keywords (most searched) that have low competition.

Keyword Density In Content

Among the various on page optimization techniques, it is important that you maintain a good keyword density in the given content. Maintaining the main keyword is a remarkable thing. In case your main content is about three 300 words, then you would need to use the main keyword at least 3 times i.e. Keyword Density is about 1% of the whole content.

And in case if the content is about 1000 words, then your main keyword has to be used for 10 time in the whole content. Of course, besides the main keyword, you would have to use the secondary keywords too. It is important that you have to make sure that the keywords look quite natural. The more keywords that you use, the more it will be worth for the eyes of the search engine. Keyword density plays an important role in on page optimization techniques 2019.

Alt Tags In Images

It is important on page seo techniques that you use at least a single image with the ALT text for each of you’re the webpage or post. The image that you use has to be eye catching and visitors need to be attracted to it and it does need to have an ALT text.

on page optimization techniques 2019

Remember: Title text of the image is for the Users and Alt text is for the Search Engine that your website users can not see.

In 2019, Image’s Alt Tags plays an important role in on page optimization techniques. You must follow this in your on page optimization to rank in Google.

Internal Linking

on page seo techniquesMake sure to interlink the posts which you have. You could try to add titles like “Also Read” or “Must Read” and follow it with simple internal links. Basically, internal links will not just reduce the bounce rate but will distribute the given page rank juice to all of the pages. It is one of best on page optimization techniques to follow.

External Linking

External linking is also plays an important role in on page optimiztion techniques 2019. You could even use external linking. It is important that you provide a nofollow attribute as and when you are trying to link any kind of low quality website. Some individuals may feel that providing dofollow links would simply cause harm to your webpage and its ranking, however, dofollow links to high priority website would make your website more important.

Use Of Videos In Content

The best part is that you could simply embed videos in your post. Just imagine you are writing a blog about on how to do something or providing some kind of tutorial, then it would be better if you make a short video about it. Video tutorials are much better then normal written blogs. It is also one of the best on page seo techniques in 2019.

Bold, Italic & Underline Tags

Have you ever thought about using Italics, Underlines and Bold characters in your blog. Such kind of highlighting words could grab the attention of readers and the best part is that you could use it for displaying the subheading and keywords. Search Engine also give some importance to this kinds of words so make sure to use your keywords with this tags. It is also a good on page optimization techniques.

Is On Page Optimization Techniques Advantageous?

The above given 11 on page seo techniques points are some of the strategies that you could implement and it is something that you could try out. Remember Search Engine focus on quality contents that is written for humans not for robots. So always focus on reader and write according to it. On page optimization techniques is all about Quality Contents. Bookmark this page to get frequently updates on on page seo techniques.

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