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(100+) Best Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment

Top 100 sources for best online jobs for students along with online part time job from home for students 2019. Check out this best list of various online jobs for college students exclusive by Qd Tricks.

Various people are looking out for earning some extra bucks as an extra source of income and finding online jobs for students on internet. Nowadays Internet has become the major hub of making money online by providing part time job from home for students. It is the major reason why there is an increase in the number of internet users.

Plus the Internet is the perfect place to earn money with online jobs for college students and this article gives a brief description on how it can be possible. Through this article, you can come to know how online jobs for students without investment are in great demand. So, let’s check out.

Basically, there are various ways for earning hard cash online through the part time job from home for students. Online part time jobs for college students are becoming a rage nowadays. Such jobs are perfect for those students who are on the lookout of online jobs and want to earn money online during the spare time.


Part Time Online Jobs For Students 2019

online jobs for students

There has been a lot of diversification in the field of education in the past few years. People all across the sphere are travelling for gaining experience through education. With the increase in the education methods, the scope of studying also is becoming expensive day by day.

Thus, it has been a necessity for the people, may be it under graduation or higher studies, to earn money to survive and bare the day to day expenses while studying.

Here, we are going to suggest you few online jobs for college students which can help them earn while studying.

Resume Writer

Hourly Pay: $15-$25

With something as simple yet extremely crucial as helping someone with writing their resume and polishing it to be market ready. One of the easiest and sought after, also well paid online jobs for students.

Where To Find Resume Writer Jobs Online?

A tip is that the competition is tough, but do not give up if you face a few unanswered applications.

Another good way is to tap the potential leads in your own potential network of friends and/or fellow students and internships candidates.

This is one of the best choices for online jobs for college students since it also helps enhance skills which they can use for their benefits post the completion of studies.

Sell Your Old Class Notes For Up To $30 a Month

Most of you sincere students are used to taking up notes during lectures. Also, at times while revision and learning by self, you tend to make notes in order to remember the subject. Now, who knew that these notes could be helpful for later as well. It is now become the part of online jobs for students to earn some extra money.

There are a couple of online services who are looking forward to buy such notes. Also there are certain students and buyers, even colleges who are looking for good quality notes and information. All you have to do is upload your content and earn money for your hard work.

Website To Sell Your Old Class Notes

Search Engine Evaluator

Hourly Pay: $12-$15

A unique yet an amazing and well paid, yet easy job – clean search engines of the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing!

One of the most sort after online jobs for college students is to fill up the feedback forms offered by these search engines since the most useful process of gauging the needs for updates is from the human feedback and interaction, despite the constantly updated algorithms for these search engines.

Where To Find Search Engine Evalutor Jobs Online?

Earn Around $50/Month Reviewing Fashion & Bands

part time job from home for students

Slice the pie is one such online job for students where you can review latest trends of fashion, listen to new updated songs, commercials and other similar things before they are realized out in the market. You can enroll yourself for reviewing these things before they are released and get paid for it.


Virtual Recruiter

Hourly Pay: $20-30

Another good part time job from home for students is that of a virtual recruiter. One of the most effective use of the skills of networking and recruitment is this profile.

This allows you to explore the potential of being a contact between companies and potential candidates for recruitment. Full time employees earn up to a $50,000 a year and freelance candidates are paid a handsome $20-30 per hour.

With an extensive pool of online services where you can find this profile makes it a good choice for online jobs for students.

Where To Find Virtual Recruiter Online Jobs For Students?

Make $5/month Trying Out Apps On AppCasher

appcasher app to earn money online

If you are an app lover then earning money through apps would be an enjoyable job for you. With this online job for college students, one can earn credits only for installing these apps and launching them in their device. These credits have few uses like applying them as codes on coupons on gift cards via PayPal account.



Developer: appcasher
Price: Free

PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Hourly Pay: $10-20

What best online jobs for college students than designing PowerPoint presentations. Most working professionals especially the ones with an extremely tight schedules hardly have anytime to create these presentations. Leverage your skills learnt from your university projects and earn well.

Where To Find PowerPoint Presentation Designer Jobs Online?

You can set your own Virtual Storefront like Professional Slide Designer or you can follow below given site to list your service:

CoSign: Tag Items On Social Media To Score $40 a Month

cosign online jobs for college students

Tagging is as simple as clicking on pictures these days. Social media freaks are going to love this particular online job for students as all it requires is tagging. Tag all the images that you upload on any social media say, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and post information about the pictures that you upload with CoSign. Your pictures can be about any products available in the market ranging from Household items to Fashion to Technology. You can simply earn up to 35% when you followers buy the items that you post.



Per Project Pay: $70-700

Now that is one interesting job on the list of part time job from home for students, to work for people who want to put together their family tree. Interesting and intriguing at the same time.

If this is a hobby of yours’ great, if not go ahead and give it a try to make an entry level new hobby that pays well.

Where To Find Genealogist Jobs Online?

Set up a customized and personal virtual store like Professional Genealogist or list this as a new and unique service on the freelance websites.

UberTesters: Test Websites & Make $30/month

ubertesters part time job

There are some sites like which continuously need users to rate them to increase their usage. After rating a feedback is also required. There is a sample test which needs to be approved off and if one such test is approved you can test each item and do for the process within 20 minutes to earn $10 per session.


Virtual Assistant

Hourly Pay: $10-20 (varies according to responsibility)

If your forte is excellent communication skills and organizational skills of the likes of organizing school events, classes, study work etc. execute them for these online jobs for students.

The pay varies according to the responsibility, number of man hours put, and the work outcome. This could vary from anywhere to setting up businesses, data entry, maintaining website, executing research or supporting customer service requests.

Positions like these are coming up increasingly with the increase in the number of freelance workers across the globe.

Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs Online?


Hourly Pay: $15-25

This is an online jobs for students requiring little to no prior experience. As explained the work requires to listen to audios and type out the transcript of what is playing in the audio. This is an upselling job on the market with good pay for work done appropriate to the precision.

Along with the perks of working from home, you can work flexible work hours that allows you the liberty to accommodate your academic and work schedule. With a handsome hourly pay this makes one of the best choices for online jobs for students.

Where to find these jobs online?

Tutoring Job

online tutoring jobs for college students

If you have got excellent skills in teaching and have interest in earning cash online, then you can teach students online through online classes and giving coaching online. If you are quite interested, then you could try such online tutoring work from websites that offer cash and there are various websites which offer online jobs for college students without investment.

List Of Best Websites To Get Tutoring Jobs Online


Typing Jobs

online part time typing jobs

There are various legitimate and genuine websites to earn money with online jobs for college students 2019, especially without investment. The only skilled required is a good (high) typing speed and a good Internet speed. All the students have to do is type the required captcha which appears on the screen.

This online part time jobs for college students is a data entry work and by logging on to a legitimate website, individuals (students) can earn from their home without any investments. Being one of the online jobs for students without investment, it is important to have a good internet connection and best typing speed to get paid for this kind of job.

Agent Anything: Tackle Errands Online For $100/month

agentanything online earning scope

Agent anything is a virtual bulletin board where people are allowed to speak up their mind and say how much they are willing to pay to get work done. Like reddit’s, Detailed tasks are mentioned in the to do list and it allows you to negotiate the charges.


Give Consumer Opinion Services & Earn $100/month

consumeropinionservices to earn money online

Your opinions are also worth a price. If you have few spare minutes, than this is the job for you. Consumer Opinion Services pays you for responding to a query posted in your city or also a category you are interested in. I recommend this online jobs for students as it has been tried and tested by myself. I earned $100 by taking part in a printer usability study which was 20 minutes long.


SquadHelp: Make up to $500/month Naming Businesses

online jobs for students with squadhelp

If you are a very creative person and coming up with new different and unique ideas for any small or big thing is your forte then this online job for students is definitely yours. Giving your brilliant ideas and amazing opinions on sites like Squad help. Here, playing contests makes you win huge amount of money. Contests include topics like suggesting business names and other such relevant topics.


Clickworker: Surf The Web & Make $500/month

How many of you consider Web surfing as an amazing time killer? If you are one of those then this job is surely going to be fun for you. Web surfing, taking different tasks, testing links, querying, checking the relevancy of search results can also pay you a great amount.  Click worker is one such platform which pays you to do such stuff. The fees range from $3 – $15 per hour.


Article Writing Part Time Job

article writing jobs

There are various websites to earn money online without investment for students, and one of them is article writing services. In these websites, people can write articles related to various topics and they get paid for it. One has to be careful before submitting articles to such writing and paid websites. Some maybe legitimate while others may be fake ones and these are the best online part time jobs for students 2019. If you are a passionate writer and have a well-defined knowledge related to various topics, then you can write articles and get them submitted to these websites for earning money without making any investment and the best online jobs for students 2019.

List Of Website To Get Article Writing Online Part Time Jobs For Students


If you have passion in writing and have got great knowledge in English, the online article writing can be a great tool to earn money online without investment for students. Plus if you can write articles to various topics and have good knowledge in health, education, jobs, science, parenting, technological gadgets, etc. Then there are various article writing websites which would provide good rewards for writing articles. And these are the best online jobs for college students 2019.



There are certain legit and genuine freelancing websites where various people work all it is easy to earn money online without investment for students around the world and such websites are called freelancing websites. In such websites, there are hundreds of various kinds of work available based on the skills of workers. People get payment once they finish the task given by the freelancing sites and this is a good online jobs for college students without investment.

There are various kinds of work available on freelance websites like sign up offer, survey job, reviews, playing games, translation, commenting etc and these are online part time job from home for students. Popular freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and microworkers where one can earn some hard cash online.

List Of Freelance Websites

  • (recommended For UK USA Canada Australia)

Playing Games

earn online money through playing games

Playing online games is a hobby for various people. There are various websites which offer money for playing online games. These developers and makers of such website want to test their games, so they offer cash for it. Plus it is a good means for promoting the game with such online websites and best website for online jobs for students.

List Of Website For Earning Online Money By Playing Games

Online Paid Survey Work

online paid survey jobs

Online paid surveys and jobs are quite easy. Not only they are simple to do, but anyone can do it. This is a simple and popular way to earn money online without investment for students as there are various firms that are offering to review the services and products on what people like. For giving their opinions on the products, these online firms make payment and this is done through online. Such procedure is called online paid survey work and is the online jobs for college student.

Also Check: How To Bypass Surveys Online?

This article gives a brief explanation about what online paid survey are and how to earn money online without investment for students. If you research online you can get some of the genuine list of online survey websites which pay handsome amount to various individuals.

List Of Survey Sites For Online Paid Survey Work

Most Trusted Paid Online Survey Work & Survey Sites In USA UK Canada

Blogging For Students

earn money with blog

Blogging has become one of the most popular means of making money online. There are various means to earn money online without investment for students and among them blogging is important. An online search can provide a lot of information on how to make money on blogging. All you need is have some passion and niche about what you have some good knowledge about.

Basically, this is the best online jobs for students without investment. Plus, you can write articles related to those topics and select the WordPress platform or blogger. You can get the articles published on the blog and get some monetary benefits through Google AdSense and google adsense alternatives. This is one of the easy means to earn money online without investment for students. Visit this link to learn blogger seo tips and tricks.

PTC Website (Get Paid For Clicking Ads)

ptc website

PTC website means paid to click website where one can get money by seeing advertisements on the PTC website. All you have to do is sign up with the PTC website and click on the ads and surf for few seconds. You get paid for each ads which is clicked and checked by you. Nowadays there are various advertisers and webmasters who advertise on the PTC website and this is a good online jobs for students 2019
. Basically, this is a cheap ad and the PTC webiste provides means to earn money online without investment for students

List Of PTC Websites To Get Paid For Clicking On Ads

Also Check:

Online Data Entry Jobs

online data entry jobs for college students

If you are looking out for some legitimate and genuine online data entry work which is globally offered, then you would need to check out the details of these websites and accept only those websites which offer genuine and proper data entry services worldwide. These websites are the best online jobs for college students 2019 and are strict on the accuracy and the quality. So, if you have both the given conditions then you can try out these websites. Basically, such websites are best to earn money online without investment for students.

List Of Data Entry Work Provider Website

Virtual Assisting

It is an essentially secretarial work available on the internet. You work will be as the office secretory like email management, making phone calls and scheduling appointment etc. Here the only difference is that you will need to work from your home. We have listed our some of the great site where you will get virtual assisting online jobs for students.

List Of Site To Get Virtual Assisting Jobs

Misc. Side Tasks Online

It is similar to babysit to make money in person. This includes:

  • sending test faxes to a client’s fax machine
  • testing links for a client
  • finding images for someone’s website
  • writing movie and product reviews
  • liking or sharing a webpage on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and more

Website From Where You Can Get Online Jobs For Students Side Gigs

To conclude, the above given are some of the best online jobs for students 2019.

There are many more opportunities available on the internet for online jobs for students. These are some of the major good paying jobs mentioned for students looking for earning money along with studies. With such online jobs for college students, it becomes a little easy and relaxing to know that there are opportunities out there to fulfill your aims.

We hope you like this list of part time job from home for students. If you like then you can share this list with your friends and family. Bookmark this page to get latest updates on to online jobs for students 2019.

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