Parcelled App – My Regular Courier Service App

I have a small publishing business – print media. Because it’s small, I handle most of the tasks, except for the operational part. I handle everything from marketing to handling the mails. I rely on both postal mail and courier to send important communication. I can vouch for it that most of the courier services out there aren’t as reliable as they claim to be. So I always leave some for some errors and delays.

But there are these occasions when there are those last minute calls and it’s too difficult for me to deliver mails on time. It was on one such occasion I realized how important it was to have a service like Parcelled App. Since that moment, I have switched to this new service and it has never failed me.

Note: – Currently Parcelled App’s picking and packing services are available only in 5 cities. I am happy that one of them is mine. So I can send my mails and parcels to my clients, writers and suppliers everywhere in the country.

The Deadline & The Solution as Parcelled App

Parcelled App – My Regular Courier Service App

Here was my advertiser – an agency, and he was going on a foreign tour. He told me to send the invoice within 2 days or else the payment would be delayed by a month – and I badly needed that big payment!

This was a time to think something innovative as I didn’t want to miss the deadline. So I called up all my courier services to grab my mail and deliver it within 48 hours. All of them agreed to the deadline but couldn’t give me an assurance. They quoted factors which were beyond them – delays by other parties involved in the process!

I didn’t want to take any chances. I had heard of this service called Parcelled App and that they were highly accurate in picking, packing and delivering shipments within the deadline. So all I needed to do was to install this app and place a query. The pickup crew was at my doorstep within a few minutes. They asked me for the package and assured delivery within the deadline.

The invoice reached the agency within 36 hours and none was happier than me. I received confirmation from agency and my cheque was on its way!

Parcelled App is something that adds the factor of credibility to the mail industry. It is now the mainstay for all my mails – although I do use Indian post for ordinary mails which are not time bound. The ordinary post is relatively cheaper.

Free Pickups

With free pickup service available at my doorstep, and packaging service – it makes things much more economical and time saving for me. I arrange for a pickup from the app and arrange all the documents – the pickup crew does the rest of the job!

The app also keeps me informed about my order until it has been delivered. I will highly recommend Parcelled App! It makes things easier, faster and reliable when it comes to delivering parcels and documents at the right time!