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How To Use PhoneRescue For iOS Data Recovery & Many More


What great has been the month of September! The major tech brand company, APPLE launched the advanced tech products and also announced the release of iOS 11 for all Apple gadgets. Well, the news of iOS 11 flashed almost on all major headlines, and therefore there has been curiosity now among the users to know what are the features introduced in the new iOS update.

Since the release of the new iOS update, users who are using the old iPhone devices like 5S, 6, 6S and the 7 series, a bit confusion has clouded over the head of them. It has been observed that while upgrading the iOS or after the update, users come up with the issues like complete data not recovered, screen stuck on the Apple logo, reboot lapse, data loss and much more.

To overcome all these iOS 11 update issues, PhoneRescue is the ideal software to recover the lost data. Once you have installed the PhoneRescue, there is nothing like data loss because under every possible situation the software makes sure to restore all your information and necessary data. The software has already become friends with the iOS users since last three years, helping them to retrieve the data.

PhoneRescue Features

The name of the software might sound to you bit tricky but yes! PhoneRescue will help you to recover the lost data on the device, no matter what the cause is. To understand the software in a better way, we have shared the features here so that you can get the insights to the PhoneRescue.

  • The software is built on NO-DATA-LOSS technology and therefore whatever data is lost from the device, with the help of PhoneRescue you can restore it within seconds.

no data lose technology

  • You get to choose what and which data you would like to restore, unlike other data recovery software which would restore everything including the unnecessary information. There is complete freedom to choose the files and restore those files which are useful and relevant to you.
  • There is no need to create the space for the data restoration from iCloud because PhoneRescue helps you to recover the data without making any compromise with the presently available data on the device.
  • The PhoneRescue helps you to fix not only the iOS 11 updates issue but also the other device issues like screen stuck on Apple logo; PhoneRescue will help you to repair the device issue as well.

All these features are only possible with the advanced technology available on the PhoneRescue software. PhoneRescue is designed and customized with more than two advanced technologies:

  • ForceRestore
  • SmartCompare
  • SharpMatch
  • Thunder-Extraction
  • SecureLOGIN

There are much more technologies while creating the PhoneRescue software for the iOS devices with the updated OS versions. It will be wise of you to start scanning the iOS device now so that all your important and necessary data are recovered back on the device.

There are new features introduced on PhoneRescue in support of the iOS 11 update fixes and issues.

  • The PhoneRescue is entirely compatible with the recent and latest iOS 11 as well as macOS High Sierra.
  • There are damaged files in the backups? Need not worry. PhoneRescue will help you to get the backup even of the damaged data and files from the backup folder.
  • There are other options as well available apart from the fixing the iOS 11 update issues like the smooth recovery of the data while the device is stuck on the minor fix.
  • For the successful performance rate and excellent data recovery speed, PhoneRescue is customized and designed from the top class technology in the world.

There are no issues of the compatibility of the PhoneRescue with the iOS devices and the versions since the software is designed to be compatible with every device irrespective the version it has on the device.

How to Recover Data from- Device; iTunes and iCloud

In this segment, we are going to share the how-to tricks to retrieve the data from the device, iTunes and iCloud since these are the major storage functionalities to where you can store the data and thus also can recover to the same place.

Trick to Recover Data from DEVICE

By mistake, you have deleted the important message or contact, and now you do not see the ray of sunshine to restore it, what can be the possible alternative now? We would like you to suggest here- only go for PhoneRescue. The software is built with the NO-DATA-LOSS scanning technology, and therefore it becomes easy for you to retrieve the data back to the device in seconds.

What can be the possible reasons for the sudden data loss? Maybe under common scenarios like-

  • Mistaken deletion
  • Cracked screen
  • No iCloud and iTunes backup
  • Damaged device
  • Forgotten passcode

Under any of the above conditions if you have lost the data, you can recover with the PhoneRescue software for the iOS and MacOS device. What data can you cover? Everything which you have lost like-

  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Voicemails
  • Photos
  • Reminders and important events
  • App and Safari data
  • Notes
  • Music and videos
  • iBooks
  • Voice Memo and Call history

With the help of PhoneRescue you can restore the data with the conditions-

  • 100% preview freedom
  • Recover and restore the data direct on the iOS device
  • You can select the files which you would like to restore.
  • You can even extract those files on to the computer with the customizable format

Trick to Recover Data from iTunes

Since the PhoneRescue is built with different advanced world-class technologies, every trick uses a different one to restore or recover the data on the iOS device. From the PhoneRescue, you can back up the iTunes data with the help of ForceRestore technology. Not only the media files like photos, videos, app files but also many more data on the iTunes can be restored.

You can recover the data on the iTunes under any conditions- whether the file is in damaged condition or encrypted mode. Just like device backup, there is no need to restore every data and files; you can select the files you would like to have on the device again without compromising on the file quality and the size. Under different scenarios you can lose the data from the iTunes like-

  • iTunes sync or connection failure.
  • Lost or damaged device
  • iOS update failure or system crash
  • Jailbreak
  • Virus infection
  • Factory reset

If you have lost the data under these prevailing circumstances, the chances are you can backup and restore the data on the device without any hassles via PhoneRescue. After you have lost the data under the above scenarios, you can restore the data back to iTunes like-

  • App data and files
  • Media files like filtered Instagram photos, and iMovie edited video clips.
  • Game progress and the app settings as well as preferences
  • Data, files and documents related to the apps are restored back on the iTunes with the help of PhoneRescue.
  • The other essential data like messages, contacts, safari data, notes, attachments, and many more can be recovered back to the iTunes.
  • The damaged and encrypted data can also be backed up to the iTunes via PhoneRescue.
  • All these data can be restored back to the iPhone or iPad device directly from the software.

Recover Data from iCloud

What will you do when you fail to restore the data and informative files back on iTunes and device? Maybe you should give a try to the iCloud backup with the help of PhoneRescue. To recover the data from the iCloud can be the best alternative option to get all the information back to the device in case of the iTunes backup failure.

Every data and files are easily restored on the iCloud automatically in iPhone and iPad devices; even when you do not need to pay attention to it. In case if you have failed to store the files on the iTunes, the chances are you might get the same data recovered from the iCloud with the help of PhoneRescue.

Why PhoneRescue to retrieve the data from iCloud? Well, there are certain files which cannot be restored and accessed till the time the complete backup is available on the iPhone. Doing so, the chances are you might lose the important data presently available on the device, and you may not be able to recover the file later on and therefore PhoneRescue.

With the help of PhoneRescue, you can preview the files and the data present in the iCloud backup, select the files you want to restore and then recover the data back to the iPhone or iPad safely without disturbing the existing records and data. PhoneRescue allows you to customize the lost data and files from the iCloud, select the important ones and get back to the device.

From the iCloud, with the help of PhoneRescue, you can recover the lost data and files such as:

  • Media files like photos, and videos
  • Safari and app data
  • Contacts and messages

You can extract or restore these files from the iCloud through PhoneRescue directly on the PC or iPad/ iPhone. If the data and files are already backed up on the iCloud, then the task becomes easy for you and the PhoneRescue to recover the lost data. It will be surprising to you, but the lost data even from the iOS 10.3 version can be restored safely with the help of PhoneRescue.

PhoneRescue works on the 256-bit SSL encryption which is meant to protect all your data and files. Because the PhoneRescue is the best data recovery software, the responsibility to secure the privacy and the protection of the user’s personal information has to be at the high frequency.

  • The PhoneRescue will never let other people know your Apple ID, password or the available data from the iCloud.
  • With the help of READ-ONLY mode, the PhoneRescue searches and recovers the complete data on the device.
  • The owner/ user of the Apple device is eligible to access the iCloud data.

There are common factors and scenarios the data can be lost from the iOS device.

  • Damaged and lost device
  • iOS update failure or iTunes backup failure
  • iOS system crashed or Jailbreak
  • Virus infection
  • Factory reset

All these are the data recovery modes for the iOS devices which can be restored on the iPad or iPhone device directly or through the computer. But does the PhoneRescue only restores data and do not do anything else? Well, we would like to introduce the extraordinary features as well of the data recovery software- PhoneRescue.

Other than Data Recovery Features of PhoneRescue – iOS device fixed

From the above features and the how to recover the data from the PhoneRescue we are assured that the software is easy to use and also it is helpful to bring back the relevant data and information alive on the device. Apart from this, it is also simpler to make your dead iPhone alive from the iOS crash. You might experience the iOS crash while updating the Apple device with the latest iOS version, the most recent one, for now, is iOS 11.

While you have decided to upgrade your iPhone to the new iOS version, i.e., iOS 11; your device might not be ready to handle the new updates from the new iOS version. It is observed commonly that while updating the iPhone with the updated iOS version, the device either-

  • Get stuck on the Apple Logo
  • Black or blank screen
  • Reboot loop or any other kind of breakdown.

For all these common issues, earlier there was a need to rush to the nearest repair store, but now there is no need to. In a single click, you can quickly fix any iOS device issues with the help of PhoneRescue.

Some people might suggest you go to the factory settings if you encounter an iOS crash on the device but this will only damage your data hence resulting in the loss of the data from the device. While upgrading the iPhone or iPad device with the iOS 11, make sure to troubleshoot the data issues with the help of the advanced iOS repair mode from the PhoneRescue.

The advanced iOS repair mode can fix the errors without disturbing the single byte storage from the iPad or iPhone device. Under common scenarios, there are chances to save your device from the data loss.

  • Stuck on Apple Logo for long time
  • Blank or black screen
  • Recovery or reboot mode loop
  • Failure of iOS update

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