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PixelPhone App Review: Your Efficient Manager of Your Dial and Contacts

Are you bored with the traditional UI design of your smartphone? Is your smartphone’s UI stopping you from accessing some overwhelming functions on your smartphone? If yes is your answer then PixelPhone is the app you must be looking for. PixelPhone features some of the heart-throbbing functions that you won’t find in the pre-installed contact & phone apps on your smartphone.

PixelPhone is trying its best to improve and enhance the user experience by updating its interface regularly, since its launch. Once you start using this app, you will hardly go back to the default phone app. You may not find easy settings in UI of most of the smartphones. So, it is better to use an app that can make navigation on the phone easier. This PixelPhone App is freely accessible from Google PlayStore only for limited time. The users will be able to utilize the features of its pro version in the free app.


Knowing About PixelPhone App

A user is always looking for an app that can make the phone navigation easier than before. PixelPhone has emerged to be the best contact manager and dialer app available so far. The developers and testers are continuously involved in betterment of this app, and are putting their best efforts to provide optimum user experience. The flexible interface, different themes, anti-spam filters, dual SIM card support, ease-of-use are some of the highlighting features which make this app worth downloading.

PixelPhone is owned by Felink Technology and was formerly developed by the Russian developers. The non-stop efforts of the experienced and skilled team of PixelPhone are the major reason of worldwide popularity of this application.

To celebrate this popularity of the app, PixelPhone team is releasing its Pro version for free for limited time period. The free version will have all the features present in Pro version accept the two features that will be available on July 22. Let us learn more about features of this superb app.

Key Features of PixelPhone App

PixelPhone app comes with some mesmerizing features. These features will definitely make you realize why this app is worth downloading on the smartphone you use. Here are some of the key features of PixelPhone app.

  • Best T9 and QWERTY Dialer: The T9 and QWERTY dialer in most of the phone apps cannot be used to carry out advanced operations. They lack out in flexibility. With PixelPhone app on your smartphone, you can use the best QWERTY dialer & T9 as boasted by the app. It will surely make you feel the difference.
  • Themes: A number of theme plug-ins can be downloaded for free so that you can change the theme of your smartphone every single minute.
  • Customizable Interface: The font size, SIM Card icons, photo size, theme colors, dialer, and other functions on your smartphone can be customized accordingly.
  • Adjustable Dial Pad: The dial pad size is fully adjustable if you are using PixelPhone app on your smartphone. This will ensure that you don’t face any trouble due to the size of your dial pad as it can be adjusted easily.
  • Auto Selection of SIM: It is really irritating when you have to choose between the SIMs to call someone. PixelPhone knows which SIM card is used frequently for different contacts. It will automatically select the best preference.
  • Blacklist Option: If someone is irritating you by calling again and again or you don’t wish to attend someone’s call, the Blacklist option will come handy. You just need to add the contact number to the Blacklist and the number will be blocked. No call will be accepted from blacklisted number.
  • Customized Gestures: PixelPhone provides you with couple of gestures. Each gesture can be customized and their actions too. This will help you controlling your smartphone in an easier way than before. When you are given the ability to customize the app, you can control its behavior easily.

The Thrilling Features of PixelPhone Application

As we have gone through the features of this app briefly, most of you would be eager to have a deeper insight about PixelPhone’s features. So here, we provide you a deeper insight about the exaggerating features of this stunning app. Check them and out and decide why you should install this app on your smartphone.

Customizable Themes

Most of us are bored by looking at the default dialer of our smartphone. After installing PixelPhone to your smartphone, you will get plenty of choices. The dialer could be customized easily to the way you desire, without any difficulty. The themes will be under your control and you can apply them as your want. Most of the smartphones & apps lack this feature, but no worries when you have PixelPhone installed on your smartphone.


Dual SIM Management

Having a dual SIM smartphone? Finding it hard to manage between the SIM cards? If yes then PixelPhone will get you out from the trouble. The options offered by your smartphone are just not enough to manage the dual SIM cards. With PixelPhone app, you can easily switch between the SIMs. The smart interface of this app is good enough to judge which SIM card is used for which contact. So, whenever you make a call to a contact on your smartphone, PixelPhone will judge the SIM card from which the call is to be made.  There are several other options too to manage your SIM cards.


Fully Customizable Dial Pad

The multilingual dialer of your smartphone can be customized with vibration or an audio feedback. Now, whenever a key is pressed, the audio tone or vibration will be heard. The size of the dial pad can also be adjusted in a way you want. Be ready to manipulate the dialer size of your smartphone’s dial pad.

Blacklist – Block Unwanted Calls

Most of the times it happens that we receive the calls that we wish to ignore. This may include the numbers or promotional dealers, insurance agents or any such agency. With Blacklist feature provided by PixelPhone app, you can block the unwanted calls and get rid of them at an instant. The only thing you have to do is add the unwanted number to Blacklist option. Once the number is added to Blacklist, you will never receive the call from that number in future unless you remove it from the Blacklist option.


Exceptional User Interface with Quick Actions & Gestures & Quality User Experience

Providing a hassle free user experience is the ultimate goal of any app. The good user interface ensures quality user experience. Though the dialer and contact app might not have gestures or quick actions associated with them, but PixelPhone apps lets you use the gestures/quick actions which you use most of the times. These gestures/quick actions can be customized in the way you want and you can also customize their functions. This provides a smooth user experience.

Initiate Group Actions

The ability to take the group actions is one feature which is lacked by most of the contact manager and dialer applications. It is really cumbersome to take single actions for every contact on your list. This consumes a lot of time and at times become irritating. You might feel like throwing your phone out. After installing PixelPhone application, you can easily take the group actions and save a lot of time. Also, the task management becomes really easy than what it is without PixelPhone app.


Intelligent Search

The normal search that most of us use in our smartphones to find contacts from the contact list is quite usual. PixelPhone app enables you to try intelligent search that allows you to find the contacts in a better way. The results will be displayed at quick speed without too much effort. The search mechanism used makes it easier for the user to find contacts.


Manage Favorite Groups

Most of us have certain contacts to which we interact more frequently. You can add them to your favorite group so that you can access them with just a tap. This is one of the handy features provided by PixelPhone app. All you need to do is create your favorite groups by adding contacts to them and access them with just a tap. You can also add the group members to quick dial.


Merge Call Records

You will often find that multiple records are formed while you are calling to same person again and again. This clutters in Call History and makes it difficult for you to find important call logs. PixelPhone apps provides you way to merge similar call records. It makes your call history more organized and now you can easily fetch the relevant information.


Future Plans of PixelPhone App

The ultimate future goal of every app is to reach maximum customers undergoing improvements and adding useful features that will be loved by the users. Same goes with PixelPhone app. It will keep on adding new features to the app with passing days. The development team of this app is constantly working to improve the app fixing the bugs that might come while using.

Team PixelPhone is all set to add two very new and interesting features to PixelPhone Pro interface on July 22. A user would be able to enjoy Caller id and call recording feature after this addition. It is surely going to make the user experience better. Though these two features will not be available on PixelPhone app free version, but the Pro users can enjoy these features. Here are two new additions to PixelPhone app interface.

  • Call Recording: A user would not be able to make call recordings and save them for future use. These call recordings may turn out as gold in future for the user.
  • Caller Id: If ever you receive a call from an unknown number, you would be able to find out who is calling you. This feature added to the app will be able to track the location and name of the caller. But make sure that your mobile data is on.

Felink Technology is the owner of PixelPhone application. It is planning to launch few new apps that might turn out to be useful for the users. Some of these apps include 91 Launcher, Dorado Genius, ShareU, and CleanMaster. The work is on progress and we expect these apps to be launched soon by Felink Technology.

Final Thoughts

The smartphone users who are bored with their smartphone’s UI and are looking for something better then moving to PixelPhone app is a good decision. Not only this, PixelPhone even serves as the best dialer and contact manager application that exist on Google PlayStore. There are arrange of features available with this app and most of them have been covered above. A number of themes, flexible interface, gestures, Dual SIM management, and other useful features make this app worth installing on your smartphone.

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