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How To Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone?

Control android from android by this best remotely control android phone apps 2019. Install android to android remote control app exclusive shared by Qd Tricks. It is very easy to remote control android phone from another android mobile. Have you ever tried the remotely control android phone from another phone? For most of the Android users, they are always finding for methods for to control one android phone from another. There are millions and millions of people who are using Android devices and they often enjoy and love to download as well as install new applications in the Android devices.

At times while installing, one may forget or miss some of the awesome and cool android applications which can help in customizing the Android device.

Furthermore, with regard to remotely control android phone from another phone, one can easily control one android phone from another using this cool remotely control android apps present here. In this article we are going to have a detail discussion on the various kinds of app present for the remote control android tablet from android phone.

Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone

control android from android

Basically, with this apps, you can easily solve all the problems of your relatives, friends, employees/employers etc., by easily accessing their devices from yours. Let’s check out some of the major guides below which can help in to control one android phone from another.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

team viewer remote app

Most of the people are quite familiar with this app as it is one of the famous and best remotely control app 2019. It is used for accessing another PCs from a single PC. Similarly, the android version of this application helps in controlling a given Android device from another. Basically, the user-interface of this remotely control android application is cool and all you would need is the password and user-id of the other Android device in order to again complete access with this application.


  • Full keyboard functionality
  • Effortlessly access computers behind proxy servers & firewalls
  • Transfer files in both directions
  • Highest security standards
  • Intuitive touch and control gestures
  • Sound and video transmission
  • Multi monitor support


remodroid app

Being one of the popular remotely control android applications, this app helps in controlling other varieties of Android devices from your own Android device. This is a simple remote control application and it allows in controlling Android devices through other Android run devices such as Android PC, Android phone, Mac, etc.

However, this application to control one android phone from another is currently in the beta state, so it means that it has got some bugs. So, there are chances that some may not be comfortable using this tool. This application was created for providing remote control of the given Android TV sticks and can even work with a huge range and kind of smart tablet and phone.


  • Remote control
  • Wifi and 3G
  • Screen sharing
  • Connection Managment
  • Multiple user support
  • Applet Support for internet connections

Developer: Ivaylo Dimitrov
Price: Free

join me android app

This is also one of the best app to control android from android. With this tool, one can easily fix the various problems related to other Android tools from your Android devices. Plus there is no doubt that this is the perfect app for any team discussion or office team work.

Two new features introduced by are

  • Screen share from your Android phone or tablet
  • Set your own background image in settings

Other Features

  • In-meeting chat with all participants at once
  • Lock and unlock your meeting for extra security
  • Zoom in and out of the shared screen
  • Talk to attendees using VoIP
  • See who’s attending - Simple Meetings - Simple Meetings

VNC Viewer

vnc viewer

Basically, the Android VNC Viewer is one of the best remotely control android mobile apps which provide unlimited access to other Android devices or the VNC server to control one android phone from another. There are various features in this tool like save connection info, export and import settings, keyboard and mouse control, zoom control, etc.

How To Use VNC Viewer?

  1. First make sure your device and computer both are connected with the same wifi network
  2. Download and install the app from below given download link
  3. Download VNC 5 to your computer
  4. Go with free license of VNC 5 or you can take the 30 days trial to get their premium features
  5. Connect


This remotely control 2 android mobile tool gives remote control android tablet from android phone. It helps in enabling the wire-free sharing of music, videos, photos, web pages and other kind of documents from the smartphone to the tablet. Currently this remotely control android application is available free of charge and helps in saving the references and implementation of the Spring Design along with the patents of the parent company using less multi-screen apps.

ScreenShare (tablet)
ScreenShare (tablet)

Mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

SMS & Call on your PC or Mac or Tablet in Perfect Sync with Any Android mobile.

How to get start with mysms?

  • Install the app on you android device
  • Open computer and start texting at or you can download the desktop and tablet app from


  • Call notifications on your computer
  • Text from computer and tablet
  • Multimedia messages
  • The only remote texting app with native apps for Android tablet
  • MMS Group Chat
  • Complete call log history
  • Support for any browser

Tablet Remote

tablet control android

Tablet remote is one of the best app to control an android tablet or phone with another android device. Common input can be possible with this app like Back, Home, Menu or Search to the android tablet. You can control its volume and brightness and also you can type any words with it.

Recommended apps to use with the remote

  • PowerAmp
  • MX Video Player
  • DoubleTwist

Recommended games to use with the gamepad

  • SuperGNES
  • They Need To Be Fed
  • Sleepy Jack
  • Cordy
  • Reckless Getaway
  • Meganoid
  • Evac
  • Zenonia

Tablet Remote
Tablet Remote
Developer: Tournesol
Price: Free

Tablet Talk: SMS & Texting App

Tablet talk is one of the best remote control android & sms texting app that will enable you to text from any tablet. You can even make voice calls with the best control android from android application. This app is working with all android tables including galaxy, note, nexus, kindle and other tablets. Unlike other android to android remote control apps, tablet talk will never force you to use a new phone number. In addition this best app does not require the internet connection and it does not store any of your data and even does not eat your battery!

Tablet Talk Features

  • Privacy
  • Tablet SMS notifications are almost instant
  • Text anywhere, anytime, with or without Internet access
  • Quick Reply Popups
  • Caller ID
  • Tablet Talk works with all newer versions of Android
  • Custom themes
  • MMS & group MMS support
  • Android SMS delivery reports
  • DashClock Extensions
  • Emoticons/smilies
  • backup and restore tablet SMS to phone

Tablet Talk: SMS & Texting App
Tablet Talk: SMS & Texting App

AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

AirDroid is one of the best app to control control android from android easily. It gives the access and manage your any android mobile phone or tablet from any windows, mac or on the web wireless. This AirDroid app is totally free to download and use. Go and download this app and start transferring the files between your devices and sharing it with your friends.

AirDroid Features

  • Mirror phone notifications from any allowed apps to computer
  • Send and receive individual or group messages
  • Quick reply to mobile messages
  • Complete control of Android
  • Transfer files between Android and computer
  • Use any apps, like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line (Root Required)

An2An Remote

An2An remote is the app which enables you to use your android device to remote control another android or PC devices through WiFi or Bluetooth network. It is very easy app to use your android device as a wireless mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. It redirects physical keyboard, controller or mouse to targeted device.

An2An Remote Features

  • Screen is not blocked by onscreen keyboard
  • You can use another compatible device as a “bridge”
  • Turn wired keyboard/mouse/controller into wireless one
  • Extended customizability by using together with GameKeyboard
  • Use touchscreen apps on devices which have no physical touchscreen

An2An Remote (Demo)
An2An Remote (Demo)
Developer: Locnet
Price: Free

We hope now you understood the process of this remotely control android application to control one android phone from another. If you like and enjoy this article then you can even share it with your friends. Use below given social media sharing options and share this best app to control android from android. Here we have explained the best possibles ways on how to remotely control android phone from another phone. Bookmark this page to get more updates it.

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