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5 Best Tips To Secure Social Media Accounts

There are several ways for the hackers to access your social media account credentials and misuse them. It is crucial to keep your social profile safe as now it is hugely used for the business purpose too. In the post, we have shared the five ways to keep your social media account safe from the hackers.

Social Media: Soft Target for Hackers

social media security tips

With the emergence of the number of social media sites, we have made the world smaller and closer to each other otherwise it was before. The increasing technology has not only led to increase and modify our knowledge but also the chances of our information getting steal is also on the rise. The social media accounts have made our information vulnerable to everyone, and thus it becomes risky to share anything on the web.

Instead of living under the constant fear, what you can do is simply increase the digital security of the profile. Although we are updating the secured passwords on our social media accounts yet we are not safe from hackers. The trick to crawl for the hackers into social media account has become easy even though our accounts are protected with the strong passwords. Apart from managing the strong password, there are more ways to secure your social media account. By any means, if your account is not secured but vulnerable, there are chances like to happen:

  • The hackers can creep into your profile and send some useless and NSFW links to your followers or friends list.
  • They can steal everything which is supposed to be personal, and it may be misused by them.
  • The chances are they can phish all the personal information and anytime they can misuse those credentials for the selfish means.

There are lot many reasons and causes for your social media profile to be hacked. Therefore, we are here sharing the useful tips to manage your social media accounts along with setting the strong password on the profile.

Two Factor Authentication

two factor authentication

Currently, all the social media websites are offering and asking their users for the two-factor authentication for the security purpose. Well, many of our readers may not understand the essentiality of it, but it is a most useful way to make the social account secure and safe from the hackers. The verification is done with the combination of two different methods i.e. setting account password. Once you have set the strong password for the social account, the confirmation code is sent to you either via email or text. The set up is done in few seconds and helps you to stay safe from the hackers.

Password Manager

password manager for social media security

There is high risk involved when the password is set up to by the human capacity. We may create and manage the strong password for the accounts but the chances are still the profile can get hacked. Sometimes, we might not remember the password we have set up, and thus we may end with creating the new one which may or may not is safe. Here you can rely on the online password creator tool available online or even the applications will work well. You can generate the secure and strongest password for your social accounts with them.

Restrict 3rd Party Application

restrict third party application

Have you ever tried the on the Facebook? Maybe yes. When you are launching the link of the website, the app asks for the access of the account, and we click on OK. Well, in this way you are allowing the hackers to creep into your profile and collect your information available on the profile. The best way is, to reduce the use of third party application or the website. Better, if they ask for the permission to access the account, do not click on OK. Doing this, you can keep your account safe from hackers.

Professional and Personal Email ID

What is observed on the common scale is several users like to keep the same email ID for the personal and professional purpose. This can be the increased risk factor for the hackers to crawl into your social media account easily. The best way to reduce the risk is, maintain different email ID for social activities and other purposes. It is not the hard task to manage two emails for different purposes than to regret the whole life for putting everything personal on the risk.

Contact Number- Recovery Option

Well, we not like to update the contact number on Facebook when they ask us to do with the fear that it might get misuse or may be visible to other people on the friend list. There is nothing such, so all you need to be relaxed on this feature. You can provide your contact number to the social media accounts for the recovery purposes. If by any means, your social media is hacked or accessed by third party groups, your social account profile contact number will allow you to recover every data which was existing on your account before the mishap happened. It is a good idea to consider for the safety purpose.


We have become increasingly careless about our vulnerability because of the internet, and this trait of us is beneficial for the hackers. There are the news and headlines of the huge and popular names social media accounts being trapped or hacked by the third party groups, so we have the least chance to stay safe if we don’t follow any of the security tips provided in the post. So now, along with managing the secure password, make sure you also consider at least only consideration from here. Stay Safe!`

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  • Thanks a lot for this post! I actually use one password for all sites and apps I visit and use :D. Now I won’t! I can’t even imagine what I would do if someone stole my personal information. Thanks again for so useful tips.