11 Actionable SEO Tips For Every eCommerce Website in 2019

SEO is not only about better rankings in SERP pages. If you are running an eCommerce website than the sale is more important factor for you. SEO can also help you in better sales and profit. Try these SEO tips for eCommerce website so you can experience not only better traffic but better sale also.

SEO Tips For eCommerce Sites 2019

seo for ecommerce sites 2019

Write Unique Product Descriptions

Unique and fresh SEO friendly content is not only essential for the blogs or content based websites but also for the eCommerce websites. Thousands of eCommerce websites sell the same products with the same specifications. That’s there is always possibilities that websites may include same descriptions for their products.

While writing the descriptions for your products, you have to be very sure about the uniqueness of the description. I know it is little complicated to write unique descriptions specially when many products have same specification but, you have to do this because search engines have strict rules for the duplicate content.

Work Hard for Website Navigation

There are thousands of websites available for the users to buy something they are looking for. What if they land on your website and they find that your website is having really poor navigation. They will exit your site immediately because they have many other options also.

If you are working for eCommerce SEO practice, first you have to work for the better navigation of your website. Make sure to categorize your products in sub categories and products should be easy to find for the end users.

Use your Target Keywords For Anchor Text Link Building

Another SEO tip for eCommerce is that, you should try to add your exact targeted keyword for Anchor texts. This is because it can help you to get direct traffic for your website as well as it will also beneficial for the SEO link juice.

Healthy keyword variation i.e. LSI keywords are also must to consider thing but don’t ignore to use the exact keywords completely. Best place where you can use your keyword is the blog comments activity.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use

Today, a large amount of eCommerce is done from the mobile phones. You have to make your website more mobile friendly if you want to increase your sales and profits.

You can also design a separate mobile app for your eCommerce store because users give more priority to mobile apps, especially when it comes to buy something online.

URL of Website Should Contain the Product Name

I hope you know the importance of well planned URL structure for the better SEO experience. The rule is same for the eCommerce website also. The best SEO practice for eCommerce website is using the exact product name in the URL of webpage. This will not only help in better SEO but your users will also love this.

For example, if you are selling “organic vegan protein” tries to include the exact product name in the URL of webpage. You don’t even need to add words like ‘Best’, ‘Cheap’, ‘Quality’ or any other prefix or suffix words.

Your Website Should Have Lower Loading Time

I know it is painful, but we have to accept this truth that web users don’t have that much patience that they can wait for a website to load. They will simply close the tab and open another website if your website is taking very long time to load.

You have to work for the better loading time for your eCommerce website because eCommerce websites include product pictures and these pictures and image can increase the loading time badly.

Your ECommerce Website Be Secure for Transactions

One of the most important factors to earn the trust of web users is that your website should be secured for transactions.

Remember, eCommerce stores are directly related to the money so you have to be very sure about all precautions you can take for more secure money transactions.

Well Optimize your Images

ECommerce websites are useless without pictures. Users always want to explore the pictures of what they are going to receive. So, SEO trick for using the images in eCommerce website is to add high definition pictures of every product in the website.

Another SEO trick is that you can also SEO optimize the pictures from the Meta Title, Alt tags and description tags for the pictures.

Don’t be lazy about writing unique Meta title, Alt tags and description for each and every picture. Add your target keyword in title, Alt and description tag.

This SEO practice is must for optimizing the pictures for eCommerce website because search engines can’t understand the pictures and images. They give the highest priority to the Image Alt, title and description tags.

Add a Blog Page to Your ECommerce Website

Most of the eCommerce website owners have doubts about adding a separate blog page in their website. They use to say, why they need blogs when they are selling products.

If you are working for SEO strategy for eCommerce website, let me tell you that search engine loves content. They always give more priority to the website with regularly updated unique content.

Adding a separate blog page will also help the users to know more about your products. It is not compulsory to write blogs like ‘newspaper articles’ written on some strict topics.

You can explain your products more deeply in your blogs so users can know more about the products they are going to buy. This will also help you earn more trust from your users.

Be Active on the Social Media

Social media is very important, especially in the case of eCommerce store. Make sure to regularly update your social media platforms. Share your products with images and videos on social media platforms. Using social media strategy smartly, you can actually double your sales and traffic.

Regularly Offer Discount and Sale Offers

It is a proved fact that customers actually dies for the offers and sales whether it is an online store or off line store. If you want better sale for your products, do provide discounts, sale offers and special coupons for your products. This strategy actually can help you.

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