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Top 10 SEO Myths and How to Avoid Them In 2019

In the contemporary age of technology, there is no denying the fact that Search Engine Optimization has gained widespread importance for businesses around the globe. Furthermore, when good SEO is being used, meaning that the right kind of tactics and ways are used to achieve excellent ranking for your website, it can help you in the pursuit of acquiring more sales, as well as making high amounts of profit.

However, it is also of great importance to stress over the fact that with the popularity of this process, there have been a number of companies, offering SEO services, which are actually based on scam. Therefore, many individuals who are not well-versed in this field may get fooled. First and foremost, there are several SEO myths that have been propagated by these companies, which offer scam services. And as they say prevention is better than cure, it is always better to be aware and protect against such risk. Therefore, this post will discuss some of the myths that are widespread, and will provide you knowledge as to how to avoid those myths.

10 SEO Myths & How To Avoid Them

seo myths and how to avoid them

#1. No.1 Ranking:

Let’s face it, no one can guarantee anything in this fast-paced world, which is why when you have an email in your account, proclaiming about these great services, which are able to offer you number 1 ranking, you need to be highly wary of that. You should not get attracted by the idea that a company will simply get you the top ranking. Remember that this comes from Google, the largest search engine, with high amounts of traffic. Therefore, the myth that the services are so excellent that you can achieve top most ranking has no substantial value at all.

#2. You can test our services on a trial-basis:

The fact that you may simply know more about the services before you have actually paid money is quite tempting. But remember, no company would be kind enough to do that, because the work involved in SEO is extremely tough. It is also a long procedure. In that case, no reputable company would, in their right senses, offer you services for free. Therefore, you should definitely be wary of this “free-trial” myth because they would require you to provide your FTP username and password, which frankly can be quite disastrous for you, especially if it is a scam company.

#3. We provide you with extraordinary services, unsurpassed by anyone in the market:

Well, if they are speaking of some secret SEO ways, then you really need to be wary. SEO is not magic. It has a logical sequence, and it is a tedious procedure. You need to make sure that you understand the different strategies that the company would be pursuing as part of their SEO services. You may be aware of this term, known as “Black Hat SEO”, which combines together some illegal services, which can actually cause disastrous repercussions for your website and for your business in the long run. This will typically involve banning your website from the majority of the search engines.

#4. We provide excellent services, because we have been working in this field for 10-20 years:

Such statements may also be typical as part of the advertisements about different SEO companies. Well, it is always better to be careful, especially in the cyberspace. Therefore, if you are availing freelance services over the Internet, simply do not rely on such statements. Demand proof, and ensure that you go through the work of the company. Check the background of the company thoroughly to avoid such scams. Moreover SEO is the ever changing field and experience is not the first thing here, one should be able to track all changes and adjust to them in shortest time.

#5. We guarantee you top ranking within 2-3 weeks:

Well, let’s face it. This is not going to happen. There are absolutely no guarantees in SEO anyways, especially pertaining to time limit. As mentioned above, there is a tedious procedure to SEO, which needs some time. Therefore, your website cannot achieve top ranking within 10 or 20 days, unless of course there is some magic involved!

#6. We have inside contacts at Google:

If a company claims this statement, then you need to create a huge distance between them and yourself. This is simply “NOT” true, because they are lying to you, if they have claimed such a thing. No one has a priority submit for Google. It is simply not possible, and not just for Google, but for any search engine.

#7. We offer you the lowest-priced services possible:

Well, again, you need to know that since SEO is so tough, no one would be simply giving you services, and not getting the money for their hard work. It’s a tough world out there.

#8. We have the ownership of the content and the website:

Well, if they claim that anywhere in the contract, then you need to stop signing it immediately. Remember that you will be paying for these services, which means that the ownership gets transferred to you. Under no circumstance should you agree to give the project to such a company.

#9. Payment first and the best work delivery immediately afterwards:

This speaks scam! Do NOT fall under this trap. You need to get the work first, and then pay the service-provider later. You never know if the company runs away with your money!

#10. We are proficient in Google algorithms:

Well, they have to be, but no one fully knows since the algorithms are dynamic. So, if they claim such a thing, then they are trying to fool you.

Keep these myths in mind, and do not let anyone fool you!

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