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Share Purchased Apps Free With Your Family

What will you do to get the free apps which are otherwise available with the price tag in the Google play store? Maybe installing the apk file of the same app? Nah. Instead get the purchased app for free and be thankful to your family member. How? Read the entire post and get to know how you would install the purchased app just by sharing the app.

Sharing is Caring

People now are walking hand in hand with the technology and it is of no wonder when we catch the glimpse of all members in a family using the smartphones. There are very few families who will use the iOS rather we have seen majority using the android OS. Reason? Less complications and easy to understand. The Google play store also known as android market has more than 10 million apps suitable for every age group and categories. You may also find certain apps which you will have to purchase first and then you can install in the device.

share purchased apps with your family

These purchased apps are distinct than the free apps but not everyone likes to install them. Now, the post takes very interesting turn here. We assume that at least there will be two family members (there can be more than two also!) who are using the android OS and you must be purchasing the apps from the Google play store, right? So is it necessary in order to install the same purchased app to be paid by other family member too if he/ she is interested? NO. You read right! It is not necessary for every family member to pay in the Google account if they are interested in installing the same purchased app like yours.

Instead, you can share the purchased apps with your family members with one simple trick available in the Google play store. The favorable feature of the trick is only one family member has to purchase the app and others can access free with the sharing feature. How? Relax! We can understand your anxiousness to know about the trick. There are few steps and requirements, not the major one, you will have to fulfill. Follow the complete guideline to know how the trick works.  FYI, the technique works with every android version, there are no compatible specifications.

Instructions Manual To Share The Purchased Apps

It is very simple and easy trick to follow with the few set up. First of all, make sure that you create the family sharing account in the Google play store and invite all the family members to the account to share the purchased apps. How to do? Still confused? Check out the steps.

Method 1

Go To Play Store Account

Open the Google play store> Three lines icon> Account.

account option

Sign Up For Family Library

In the account option, click on family and then on sign up for family library. This will create the library to share the purchased apps with your added family members.

sign up

Accept Terms And Conditions

To proceed further, accept the terms and conditions after reading them.

Add Family Members

Now start adding the family members by entering their email IDs. You can add as many family members as you want with the email addresses.

Access Shared Purchased Apps

Congratulations! You have created the shared cloud platform for your family members to access the shared purchase apps.

Enable Option

To share the purchased apps with your family members all you to do click ENABLE option when you are purchasing the application. This option will make the app available to your family members. You can limit the access of the app with the payment option or to purchase it after particular date.

Method 2

This method was all about sharing the purchased apps with the Google play store and the email IDs. In the next method you can perform the same trick on the web browser. Follow the guidelines here to know the set up:

Open Google Play Store

Open the Google play store with your GMail credentials and click on Account on the left side.

google play store account option

Sign Up For Family

Select family and then click on the sign up for the family.

Add Family Member’s Email ID

After confirming the mode of payment, start adding up the family members with their email IDs. You can add upto five family members which should be of 13 yrs or above.

invite family members

Access The Purchased Apps

Once the above step is implemented, the email addresses which are synced with the shared service can access the shared purchased apps.


With the advanced technique you can even keep the check as well as control the payments done by either of the family members to purchase the apps. The trick is quite useful to save time and money providing the easiest platform to share the media with your family members.

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