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Create Custom Geofilters On Snapchat (Snapchat Update)

After the Facebook and Instagram, another photo-sharing popular social networking application is Snapchat. Since the launch, the Snapchat has become popular due to its filters and snap stories. Already there are several filters in the app which are well liked by the users; the developers have rolled out another cool feature, to create custom Geofilters. Read about the newly introduced feature in this post.

About Snapchat

Snapchat has marked equal fame and popularity like Facebook and Instagram among the social networking applications for the smartphones. The Facebook and Instagram are already the best platforms for sharing the photos along with the filters. For the same function, Snapchat too was rolled out and launched in 2011, but the developers introduced different features. Already there are several unique filters in the app which have marked the popularity of the application; now the developer has added the new feature to create the custom geofilters on demand in the application.

Create Custom Geofilters On Snapchat

In the June end, Snapchat developers made an announcement to the users about the custom geofilters which can be used on images and videos like any other Snapchat filters but at certain locations. The feature is currently outstretched for USA Snapchat users. Earlier the customizing geofilters in the Snapchat app was accessed through the application website, and now it is available in the app. The geofilters are active only at specific locations and to create and customize them, you will have to pay the developers prescribed amount. Currently, the amount is $5.99 availed for few hours and covering over minimum 20,000 to maximum 50,000 square feet area. We can say that in fewer prices you are accountable to get the large area coverage.

Install Snapchat On Mobile


Developer: Snap Inc
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Developer: Snap, Inc.
Price: Free+

How To Create And Activate Custom Geofilter?

On Demand Geofilters

The custom geofilters in the Snapchat is located under Settings and from there you have to select ON-DEMAND GEOFILTERS option which will provide you the list of pre-set geofilters for several occasions.

Click On Demand GEOFILTERS

Create Customized Geofilters

From the list, you can select the template, edit to customize with texts, Bitmojis as well as with the Snapchat stickers library, you can use to create the customized geofilters.

customized geofilters

customized geofilters

Confirm Geofilter Streaming Live

Once you have submitted the customized geofilters and it is approved, the Snapchat will receive the push notification which will confirm the geofilter streaming live.

submiting geofilters

Make Payment

You can make the payment for the customized geofilters through in-app purchase feature available in iOS and Android.

Geofilter Costing

submit for reviews

Video Guidelines

Snapchat And Other Filters

It isn’t that when you are using the geofilters you cannot use the available app filters. In fact, there are few Snapchat tricks which allow you to use and apply two filters at a time. Unlike how you would apply two- three or several filters to the image in Instagram, the Snapchat is not same. There is set of instruction for using and applying the two filters at a time for the Snapchat. Also, there are several hidden filters available on the Snapchat which are visible to those who are known to use the trick.


Well, we are grateful that Snapchat has now introduced the geofilters in the application because the majority of the users were unknown to the geofilters access from the website. Soon, the geofilters will also become the standard feature once the users are used to them like other snap filters. Currently, to create custom geofilters feature on the Snapchat is rolled out for the USA users; soon it will be acquainted in other countries as well.

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