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A Couple of Social Networking Facts You Can’t Afford Not To Know

Social media is currently one of the best and fastest marketing and networking platform. Most social media platforms can be used for both business and personal purposes. If used wisely, and strategically, social media can be a great marketing channel. Some of the social networking facts are as per below.

Social Networking Facts 2019

Social Networking Facts 2019

Social media can be of negative or positive consequence

Social Medias used by both young and old. Equally, this platforms are so networked that they make the world a global village, where everyone can interact with each other. Using a social media platform and putting content that will stir negative feelings among the other users can have negative consequences on a person. Equally, positive content can spark large traffic especially for businesses.


Social media may lower self-esteem or business morale

On social media platforms, one interacts with a diverse group of people. Most people on social media and even businesses may report bullying form the other platform uses. In such a case, one may develop negative self-esteem or morale for a business, if negatively teased about it. Another social networking fact is that cyber bullying, is a reportable crime.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is the leading social media platform followed closely by twitter. Facebook has millions of followers. This two social Medias command a large following mainly because they are also integrated on phones, making them easily accessible to followers

Easy feedback

For businesses, social media can be used to get easy and fast feedback on products and services. This sis through posting of content about your business or asking for feedback through the social media platforms in a business website.

Social media leading trend

Many businesses have currently integrated social media platforms in their websites and blogs. Almost every business has links that connect to their social media platforms, where one can receive feedback and suggestions form customers. Social media is there for becoming a leading trend in small businesses and even big companies as well.

Social media users

From general researches, most of the social media users are of young generations, most of these being below the age of thirty years. This generation command the highest traffic on social media.

Kills social life

The high usage of social media especially for the young generation has completely or almost taken away the physical social life. Most people interact via the social media platforms at a higher rate, than they do on real life basis.

Less trust of adverts

For businesses that post recruitment adverts on social media, research shows that less people trust this adverts. Social media command a large following and may command high traffic on to businesses, but there is a very small percentage of trust on recruitment adverts. In the same way, most professionals post their resumes online, making it easier to find jobs, especially on LinkedIn


Social media platforms has led to rise in the number of online learners (e-readers). This help online learners to hold online group discussions and build learning team work just like the real time classes.

Future of marketing

Due to the high rate of usage and traffic commands, social media may be the future of marketing especially for small businesses. Another interesting social networking fact is that it has led to people meeting and coming life partners in form of marriages.

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