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Soda PDF 7 – Full Software Review

We live in a modern era where addiction to the Internet is quite appreciable. There is no doubt that the Internet has made our lives more convenient and carefree. In the ancient era, we used to study and gain knowledge through books and from libraries. But now the younger generation is more inclined in going online for gaining knowledge.


No day goes by where we we never use any kind of software or app. These software and apps play a major role in our day to day life and helps in performing various tasks easily. One such software is PDF.

Not only it makes life easy as you don’t need to carry your books or paper around, with the PDF files you can carry it anywhere and refer it anytime. Today let us check out the PDF software- Soda PDF, a full stack PDF tool promising to offer quality and simplicity and a smiley price.

What is Soda PDF?

Soda PDF 7 is one of the best pdf software – Soda PDF which provides a great amount of modular facilities and extensive features. Launched in the year 2010, by the LULU Software, this particular software is available in trial version for free. And the best thing in the full or active version is that you don’t need to pay any extra charges.

Of course, there are various PDF readers and creators available online, but it is quite difficult to find a suitable one. Various people face this huge problem and find it difficult to get used to the featureless and complicated ones online. After trying various PDF software, you would really like the Soda PDF as its features are quite awesome and fantastic. So, let us check out the features.

What are the features of the Soda PDF?

  • Virtual Drive Integration – Dropbox and OneDrive, before some days, LULU software added cloud space related features into SODA PDF software. If you have storage problems then you can directly add your files into cloud storage by help of Soda PDF 7. Here you can directly login into SODA PDF interface environment.


  • Installation Manager and Core Engine Optimization, redesign installation manager and core engine for improve Soda PDF performance.
  • R.I.S OCR Technology, improve recognize features on hidden text and images. Use latest I.R.I.S Cannon Technology.
  • Soda PDF is modular Software, you can easily customize your software
  • Open any PDF File, including comic book, with our free built-in PDF reader.
  • Create PDF From Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image and 300+ file formats.
  • Convert your PDF files to word, Excel, HTML, txt and images.
  • Edit, Cut, Copy and add text in your PDF documents.
  • Insert images, links, headers and footers to your PDF documents.
  • Review Compare and annotation your documents with sticky notes, stamps, shapes and pencil tools.
  • Secure your PDF documents with passwords, permission levels and digital signature.
  • Create Forms from scratch with passwords, permission levels and digital signatures.
  • Turn any PDF and text locked into its images into a fully editable document with our optical character recognition OCR technology.
  • Insert header and footers as well as watermarks in your documents
  • Drag and Drop pages in your previewer to reorder your document.
  • Now add new features as a Firefox add-ones

Soda PDF Plans

Soda PDF 7 offers you various unique features which give you some unique and advanced features according to plans, top major plans are available here like Standard Package, Professional Package, PRO+OCR Package.

Standard Package


Standard package gives you some limited features and some advanced features you cannot access.  Here basic features are available for using like create, convert, edit, secure, and share pdf documents and all one application.

Professional Package


This is second package of SODA PDF 7 license but here same as standard version you cannot access all feature some features are enable but some not.  This package gives you create convert, edit, secure, and share PDF documents all these are single package.  Whether you are a home user, a large corporation or anything in between, Soda PDF Professional can help you save time and money while streamlining your workflow.

PRO+OCR Package


This is last package of Soda PDF and this is only giving both package features like standard edition + professional package edition feature. If you purchase PRO+OCR package then all features are available under this package. This is complete package of soda PDF you can get all features standard version + professional version. You can set manual and automatic recognition of text and etc.

Last but not least Soda PDF offers a great Firefox plugin which allows you to convert and create PDFs stratight from your browser. Check out the Soda PDF firefox plugin for more details on this great offering.

Comparison between Standard, Professional, PRO+OCR packages

Below you can get all package comparisons and can get what type services provide which package. And I am showing difference between all available three packages standard package, professional package, and PRO+OCR packages.  


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