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Speed Up Bluestacks App Player In Windows PC

Matching up to the level of the Android on PC can be done successfully with the help of the Android emulator, Bluestacks. The bluestacks works on PC at the moderate speed, but if you like to speed up bluestacks, then your hunt has come to an end at the right source. To know how to speed up bluestacks, all you need to do is follow the guidelines that are provided here after making several types of research and trial experiments.

About Bluestacks

To cross configure the Android applications has become very easy because of the android emulator, bluestacks. For the new users, let us help you to introduce about bluestacks. The bluestacks is the android emulator which helps you to run the Android applications on PC. This can be any app like WhatsApp plus, candy crush saga, the clash of clans, Instagram, Skype, etc. You can even run dual whatsapp by using bluestacks in the PC. All you need to do is install the bluestacks emulator in your PC and let the wonders happen. Here in the guides we are going to show you how to speed up bluestacks using our speed up bluestacks tricks 2019.

Bluestacks bridges the gap between Android OS and other OS platforms like Windows or Mac OS.

Pre Requisites Of Installing The Bluestacks

  • 2GB or higher than 2GB memory
  • 4GB hard drive space
  • Direct X version or higher than 9.0 version. (Direct X is the application for programming interfaces, handling the tasks of the multimedia programming on Microsoft OS)
  • Updated graphic card to the latest versions

While we are talking about the bluestacks, the users who are already running this app in your PC might have come across the issues like play store is not working, or halts you to install any Android app on the PC. Such issues obstruct you to run the application when you need it. So what we will do here is giving you the simple trick or solution on how to speed up bluestacks in the windows OS.

Speed Up Bluestacks

how to speed up bluestacks 2019

To do so, this is nothing like rocket science. A Little bit or basic computer knowledge will work to follow the procedure/guidelines to speed up bluestacks. To speed up the bluestacks, it is necessary to make some changes in the registry editor values. The registry editor helps us to know about how much RAM is designated to the installed programs on the PC, and it is the inbuilt feature of the Microsoft OS. Now let’s check out the guideline for how to speed up bluestacks:

How To Speed Up Bluestacks?

Open Registry Editor

regedit command

First of all open the registry editor. To do this, press the Windows button + R. If not this, you can simply open the start menu and type “run”. Type “regedit” in the command box, you will have now the access to the registry editor.

Change The Settings In Registry Editor

Once the registry editor interface is opened, you will have the list on the left side below the menu toolbar. Just go through the further procedure step by step given below, thus browsing the bluestacks setting tab.

  • In this location, you will have the Android file, click on it.
  • On the right side, you will have the tab of attribute values. On this tab, you will have the different values already set by default for several parameters
  • Now double click on “memory“, and you will have the tab of already preset values. These values are given in hexadecimal, and you have to change it to decimal by clicking on the decimal radio tab.

Speed Up The Bluestacks Settings

  • You will see the preset value and all you have to do is change this value which will increase the space on your RAM.
  • The preset value can be any, like 300 or any other value. Change the value to the 1024 and press OK.
  • After changing the value, restart your system, and your changes will come into effect.
  • The changed value is the space amount that you have allotted to the bluestacks application. If you have 4GB RAM, you can change the value to 2048 which is 2GB space for the bluestacks application.

This is the very simplest method we have observed for speeding up the bluestacks. Do not try to assign huge values that are higher than your system’s RAM memory. Doing this may harm your PC, and it may also slow down the functional speed of other installed programs.


Better RAM can give better performance. Thus, base on this ideology, we have tried to provide the method which is compatible to that of system OS. It will be advisable to not the follow the above method for any other installed program, as it may lead to the malfunctioning of the program and it may stop working properly. This is all folks to speed up bluestacks, and we believe that we have fixed up the issue on how to speed up bluestacks. You can share this article on social platforms like Google, Facebook or Twitter.

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