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How To Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working?

Windows 10 has become more popular as soon as it was release in the year 2015. With the new updates in the software, there come certain errors like taskbar does not work in windows 10. This is the most common error that we have come across and that is why we will provide you solutions. The three methods will troubleshoot the problem of windows taskbar not working in the windows 10.

About Windows 10

The Microsoft family is expanding widely with the technological developments. In this family, Microsoft 10 OS was developed and thus became the most favorite member of the family after its release in 2015. Microsoft 10 did not take in much time to become popular among its users. Within the short span of time, the OS became talk of the town, and every Microsoft user had windows 10. The developers offered free upgradation of the existing windows OS and the availability of the new features was made easy for them with this offer.

Taskbar Not Working In Windows 10

Because of the free upgradation, many users have installed the windows 10 in their PC with windows 10 activation keys. However, after few days of installation, they encountered with the errors like Windows 10 KMode Exception Not HandledWindows 10 Explorer Keeps Crashing and the last taskbar not working in windows 10. The technical errors at the initial stage of the newly installed software can be ignored, but gradually when the upgradation consequences increase, one must understand that it is the serious problem which is asking for the attention. The fix of the “windows taskbar not working” had become popular search on the Google, but there was no operative or functional fix of the issue. That is why, we have here the four methods which are tried and tested by ourselves and we hope that at least one of the methods becomes useful for you.

Fix For Windows Taskbar Not Working

fix taskbar not working in windows 10

Even after watching and reading few tutorial methods of troubleshooting the issue, there was no genuine result. That is why, after the deep research, we have come up with not only single but four methods to fix the issue of taskbar not working in windows 10. Let us guide with each method one by one.

Method 1: Powershell Mothod

In this method, we will guide to crack the fix with Powershell method:

  • Right click on the start menu and launch the command prompt
  • In the CMD, type Powershell and click Run it as administrator.
  • Copy the command code and paste it into the Powershell CMD window as suggested in Answer and click enter button.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

powershell method to fix taskbar not working in windows 10

  • Let the process finish the command process.
  • After the command, navigate to the following directory in Explorer. (Name is Your Account Name)



  • Delete the folder TileDataLayer
  • If you are unable to delete this folder then run service.msc, open the service manager and stop Tile Data Model Server service & then again try to delete the folder.
  • Once the process is done, we hope that your start menu taskbar and Cortana will work properly.

Method 2: Fix Windows 10 Start Menu & Cortana Not Working

If the above method does not work for you, then you can try this method. Here, in this method you have to observe one pre-requisite. If suppose, you have Dropbox and Avast security antivirus in your PC, then it will be advisable to uninstall both programs. After the uninstallation, consider the following steps to proceed further:

  • Restart your PC with the shortcut CTRL+ ALT+ DEL.
  • Now go to the right corner of the screen, and from the shut down options, choose to restart.
  • Before any troubleshoot, it is advisable to restart the computer.
  • Boot the PC in the safe mode. Press and hold the shift key> click on restart to boot the PC in safe mode.
  • Select troubleshoot > Advanced options > startup settings > Restart.
  • The above functions will start the system
  • In the startup setting screen, click F4 or just 4. This will open the gateway of safe mode.
  • Now reboot the system to boot back directly to the normal windows mode.

Method 3: Restart Windows Explorer

This is one the simple fix for taskbar not working in windows 10. If the above given method does not work then you can try this method. Here you do not need to play or manipulate with other system settings. Follow the below guide to fix the issue with this method.

  • Open Run prompt by using Windows Key + R button. Enter taskmgr.exe and enter, it will open Task Manager.
  • In Processes tab, find Windows Explorer and select it.

restart windows explorer service

  • Click on restart button in the bottom right corner
  • It will kill the Windows Explorer process and restart it in a while

Check if this method resolve windows taskbar not working issue

Method 4: Direct Setup Method To Resolve Taskbar Not Working In Windows 10

This is one of theeasiest method to solve the issue. You just need to follow below given steps for the same.

  • First of all download this file in your computer: File
  • After getting the file, open and run it as an administrator
  • Now wait for the 10 to 15 seconds, after 15 seconds you will see the result.
  • I hope you taskbar and cortana will be working fine

After working on any of troubleshoots, you might have the notification of your Wi-Fi is not working in the PC. If suppose you face this issue, follow the below guidelines to fix it:

  • Right click on the start menu > properties > device manager
  • Check full list in the device manager
  • Check on the list of Wi-Fi adapters from the tab of network adapters
  • Now right click on it and click uninstall
  • After the uninstallation of all the wifi adapters, you will have an option to scan for hardware changes. Click on the option.
  • After that, your Wi-Fi drivers will be installed once again in the active mode.

Method 5: CMD Method

Another easiest method for the fix of the windows taskbar not working is creating the local account in the windows 10. Via CMD, you can create new local username with few steps:

  • Open command prompt CMD as an administrator
  • Copy the below given command and paste it to the CMD interface and hit Enter button

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage –online

  • Done


Well, this is the end of the discussion for the “taskbar not working in windows 10” issue. It is not necessary that every user faces this kind of issue with the upgradation of the OS, but majority have faced this and that is why we have the prompt solutions for the windows taskbar not working. If you need any assistance for any of the above methods, you can definitely count on us for the guidance. Just leave your doubt or message in the comment box below, and we will lend you helping hand. You can share this article with any of your needy friends via social platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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