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2 Methods To Fix “There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC”

In this article, we will explain you the fix of the problem “windows 10 there was a problem resetting your PC” with the automated tool available with the Windows. Many times, the windows fail to support us with the refresh tool, and therefore knowing the manual hack is a must for tech savvy person.

We have explained the two methods for the fix of windows 10 there was a problem resetting your PC, check it out and use any method as per your convenience.

When we boot any issue on PC, Windows help us to reload with the aid of available automated repairing tool. But sometimes, the automatic repairing tool fail us to give support for the fix while booting the system.  So we are providing the fix where you can quickly clean up the mess manually instead of being dependent on the automatic repair wizard that fails to set in window 10 if there was a problem resetting your PC, sometimes.

Windows 10 There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC FIX

reset this PC not working FIX

The cause of this issue is the corruption or malfunctioning of the registry that hides under system and software branches of registry configuration. Now, here any normal or average computer user will fix the issue with simple steps. The following process is going to give you the perfect solution to the entire system. We have used the detailed method for the fix of the issue if you face “there was a problem resetting your PC” for Windows 10.


Fix 1: CMD Method

1. BOOT into the system recovery option & Open COMMAND PROMPT option

windows system boot recover option


select the administrator account

3. Provide the CREDENTIALS that are required for the admin account

provide the credentials

4. In the COMMAND PROMPT window, type the following COMMANDS and then click ENTER

cd %windir%\system32\config

ren system system.001

ren software software.001

type the commands

5. CLOSE the command prompt window, and it will redirect you to the Windows recovery environment screen. Here you need to select the Continue option which will get you into your Operating System. After the reboot you will see the error “windows 10 there was a problem resetting your PC” will no more.


Fix 2: Win-Recovery Method

For this method, you need to have ISO image of your window because you need to set the custom recovery image location. Here, we will make use of the recovery image from ISO file.

1. CREATE the new folder and name it as WIN- RECOVERY in your C:\

win recovery folder

2. COPY the INSTALL.WIM file from your ISO image sources folder.

copy the file

3. PASTE the file to the newly created folder i.e. Win-Recovery.

paste the copied file

4. OPEN CMD >> Type REAGENTC /INFO. Your recovery location will be missing.


5. TYPE reagentc /SetOSImage /Path C:\WIN-Recovery\install.wim /Index 1 to set your custom recovery path.

type SetOSImage command

6. RECHECK the updated location by using REAGENTC  /INFO. If it shows the new updated location, you can now reset your PC.

recovery image location is set now


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Above two methods can be used for Windows 8 and 8.1 because the above fix “there was a problem resetting your PC” works same as Windows 10.

If you are facing any booting issue on your PC, then the above methods are ideal for you. As being a computer savvy, we can understand the problem that you face on a daily basis and that is why we are lending the helping hand with this article for the reset this PC not working. Share this article if it helped to fix your PC resetting problem, via Google, twitter or facebook. Bookmark this page to get more updates on to Fix “Windows 10 there was a problem resetting your PC”.

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