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Top 7 Tips to Click the Best Night Pictures With An Android Phone

What will you do when you want to click the best shot during the night and also in the minimal light? Maybe flash can be the rescue, but there are more useful tips to get the best shot clicked with the Android smartphones. Read the post here to know the seven most useful tips to click the best night shots with the android device.

Seven Tips to Capture the Best Shot on Android Device

For most of the countries and cities in the world, the nightlife is way better than the usual routine daily life. People now capture the moments in the camera, and now the best cameras are available with the smartphones. Today, major smartphone device manufacturers make sure that the priority is given to the camera and then the OS because what the people want is the better image quality so that they can share on the social media without the need of editing them.

Already, in fact, almost, the iPhone has knocked down the DSLR camera because the image capturing and the quality is most advanced for the users. All the pictures clicked on iPhone, whether during daytime or the nighttime, the quality is perfect and sharp without the need of an edit.

The android smartphones too are good at capturing the pictures and moments, but there are very few Android devices offering the best camera. The Samsung and HTC are already better camera android phones in the market, but there are many another android smartphone which can provide the best images with the changes in the camera settings of the device. If you are still wondering about the discussion we are sharing here, we will share the best seven tips to click the images during the night time. With few tips available on the settings of the android camera you can get the best of moments captured on your smartphone. There are many features available on the camera which is best shot during the low light which means during the night.

If you’re the pro in shooting the best shots then we do not think you need these tips; otherwise, you can proceed further to know the seven tips:


turn on HDR

The HDR feature allows the camera to identify the intensity of the different light available inside the frame. After the different lights are recognized by the high dynamic range HDR, it tries to balance the output which will further help you to click the pictures in the low light.


ISO Settings

With the ISO you can decide the sensibility of the camera sensor to capture the images either in the low or high light. All you need to do is increase the ISO to capture the picture in the high amount of light or the vice versa.


When you keep the flash turned on the chances are you may not get the desired resolution of the image. For the natural and perfect click in the low light, try to capture the image in the external lightening conditions which means turning off the flash light for the better results.


It is essential to know at what pace does the Android camera is clicking the pictures. For the better quality of the image in the low light, make sure that camera takes more time to click the picture. This will be the most useful trick because when the camera captures the picture in the slow pace, it will consider the details of the image on a factual basis and also the light intensity will be way better.


It is the common yet best alternative to shooting the pictures in the low light. Check out the best camera application for the Android OS from the Google play store and then utilize the app for the best night photography.


You can get add-on accessories to produce the better image quality from the Android smartphone cameras. The external lights and the OTG flashes are the hardware providing the best image quality. There are many more gadgets and accessories available for the Android smartphones to get the best shot on the camera.


This is the most convenient and last alternative for the best low light density shot from the Android smartphones. When the camera does not give you the best photos in the resolution you have set, then you can simply click the photo and then edit it with the best image editing applications.


If you apply all the tricks either on set or one by one, you will learn to click the best shot with the android camera. The professional one may not need to follow this advice but all these tips come from the best photographers around the world. For the best shot, make sure you get the best camera settings, camera applications or the best image editor application.

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