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10 Tips To Reduce Your Sites Bounce Rate Effectively

Bounce Rate is one of the crucial factors in differentiating a quality blog from other blogs. To define Bounce Rate in simple words is “The percentage of people visiting your site and leaving from the landing or entrance page itself“.

A blog with minimal bounce rate is always considered as a good blog or site because people making a visit do not end up leaving the site on a single page alone. So, the main aim of all webmasters is to keep the bounce rate to the minimal.

To understand the Bounce Rate concept a little more, you may need an example. Here is one for you, if for example your site’s Bounce Rate is 55%.This means that 55% of people visiting your site have decided to leave your site after being on a single page and the other 45% people have visited more than one page on your site. We have also share other new blogger tips and tricks to make your blog optimized well in Google.

Tips To Reduce Your Sites Bounce Rate

tips to lower bounce rate

Blogs Figure

By pointing Blogs figure I mean the design and layout of the blog. Actually I came up with the word “figure” because it is a very common word for pointing out a girl with good assets in my living hood. It is common that more attractive the girl, the more chances are that you will look at her. Same implies with your blog, the more attractive you make it, better are the chances of you getting more readers to stay on your blog. Although content is the main thing in blogging, still without a good layout you do not create an impression that you actually have a good content. Thus maintain a good blog figure, so that it is always attractive.

Linking Articles

internal linking

If there are no links between two bridges will you be able to move from one end to other? You wont be able to. Likewise, readers expect linking of articles so that they will be able to move from one post of yours to the other which are related to the current article. Not only is it useful for better navigation channel but for SEO as well.

Search engine always love the site when it has many linked articles. When people click those links, they are eventually reducing your blogs bounce rate. We have also share some of the best link building strategies to build strong backlinks for your website.

Crystal Clear Navigation

crystal clear navigation

Consider yourself in a villa (Kinda home) where you will never be able to reach a room which you intend to. Will you not get frustrated? People reading on your blog also don’t want that kind of irritation. That is why it is one of the best practices to have a clean and crystal navigation.

Quality Content

Why blogs like Mashable and Techcrunch have got such high followers? its not only because they give they latest and regular updates but because of the quality they provide with it. If you can do the same, people will love to read more of your stuffs than bugging out after reading one or may be half of your article. This is really useful in reducing your sites bounce rate.

Go through this guide, it will help you to write seo friendly content for website or blog.

Loading Speed

loading speed

Imaging yourself waiting for a web page to load ! Will you feel good? Then can you expect something else from ones who visit your site? No, you cant and you shouldn’t. So what you should do is increase your site loading speed in order to reduce sites bounce rate. Readers might just opt to close your site without even waiting for it to load.

Always keep in mind that there are millions of other site which are like you and think how you can be different from the rest. That will be the only way to make an impression and stand out.

Appropriate Titles

In my early stages of newspaper reading I used to just read the titles and if I dint like the title I would not read the story. Although I have changed but general perception among people is that “The better the title, the better the content“.

So just keep in mind and try to bring out as many creative titles you can before even starting to write the article. Creative titles can even bring clicks on the related posts thing too. Check out this article to know best on page optimization techniques by Qd Tricks.

Post Excerpts Usage

If you have a very lengthy post, then you may decide to cut into two or more pages. This will ensure that people reading the article will actually visit more than one page on your site which will then dramatically lower your sites bounce rate.

Interactive Articles

We love people who are interactive than being lame right? Readers also expect your content to be interactive than being lame. So always ask questions in between and answer them. Making some humorous lines which will make some of them laugh and then continue to be on a serious note.

Related Contents

When you are going to post on a particular series of topics it certain that they will be related. When you have related contents then not only will you be able to link them in your articles but also be able to make readers read them too.This is one of the best things that you can do to reduce your sites bounce rate. That is why it is recommended that blogs follow a niche and do not post on random stuffs.

These tips are very useful in reducing sites bounce rate dramatically and if you have any suggestions do let us know via comments. Bookmark this page to get more updates on how to lower bounce rate.

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