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Top 100 Blogging Communities To Bring Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging communities plays an important role to promote your blog posts & getting more and more views on it. It is one of the powerful place to promote your blog posts. Blogging communities can help to drive massive traffic to your blog without any more effort.

As we know one of the more difficult thing for newbie or new blogger to drive traffic to their blog because at a beginning SEO doesn’t work at all. Sometime they even do not know whats is seo & their terms and process. So to get traffic most bloggers be dependent on referral sources.

If you are newbie you can also read our post regarding blogger seo tips & tricks to get more idea about blogging. Guest posting, social media & blog commenting is one of the common source to get traffic and we all are totally dependent on it to get traffic to out new blogs. But now you don’t have to depend on these old ways for getting referral traffic to your blog. I agreed that Social Media, Blog Commenting, Guest Posting and many other link building sources drive much traffic to our blog but if still you are not getting that much traffic that your blog required then you should join blogging communities.

And if you are blogger then you must join blogging commuties not only for getting traffic but also to create relationship with other like minded bloggers. So, before I tell more about it let’s know what is Blogging Community and why should you join it.

What is Blogging Community?

Blog community is a place where you can build relationship with other fellow bloggers, share your views with other bloggers and also you can get quality traffics from it. In short it is a social media for bloggers to interact with other bloggers and to drive more traffics to your blog.

Benefits of joining Blogging Community

  • Drive quality traffic to your blog.
  • Build relationship with other bloggers.
  • Share your views to other bloggers.
  • Get higher rankings on search engines.
  • Can learn many things from other bloggers.
  • Get High Quality backlinks.
  • Improve your alexa rank.

Top 100 Blogging Communities 2019

blogging communities

So, below is the list of top blogging communities that can bring massive traffic to your blog posts.


BlogEngage is the best and most popular blogging community founded by Brian Belfit. It is the best place to create relationship with fellow bloggers and to get more exposure and traffic to your blog posts. Blogengage has huge numbers of members and it’s still growing day by day. It has some premium features like chat rooms, private messages, groups etc. So, if you are struggling for getting traffic to your blog then blogengage will be the best place for getting quality traffic.


Blokube is another best premium blogging community founded by Devesh (A young talented blogger). Blokube has also some premium features like Blog Syndication, Private Messaging, Share and Comment, Create Groups etc. Your posts can also appear in its home page by getting maximum up votes.


Dosplash is also one of the popular blogging community by Jane Sheeba (From ProBloggingSuccess) where you can promote your blog posts and can connect with other bloggers. Your posts can also be featured on dosplash by posting quality contents. DoSplash provides its members to promote their blog posts and get high quality backlinks from it.


Kingged is another powerful blogging community where you can share your blog posts and moreover you will get high quality backlinks from it so that you can rank higher on search engines. Apart from this kingged also rewards it’s members by dropping comments, viewing posts etc and it also organised giveaways and contests to their members.


Indiblogger is a blogging community where you can interact with other Indian bloggers. Indiblogger has lots of active members so that you can get more exposure and traffic to your blog posts and it also has some unique features like IndiVine, Meets, IndiSpire, IndiRank etc. but you have to be Indian to join Indiblogger.


Bizsugar is another highly rated blogging community and it has a large numbers of active members from across the world. The blog community uses voting system means the more up votes you will get on your posts the more higher your blog posts will appear in the homepage.


ManageWP is a great and fastest growing blogging community where you can meet with like minded bloggers and developers. If you post articles related to WordPress then ManageWP will be the best place to get referral traffic.

Other Blogging Communities

This is the list of all new blogging communities 2019. We hope you all like it and if you want to share it with your friends then use below social media sharing options. Bookmark this page to get more updates on blogging communities 2019.

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