TrafficJunky Review – The Leading Online Ad Solution

A webmaster is always looking out for the ways for monetization of his/her blog/website. There are a number of ways to monetize a blog. The most popular one is the ad network.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks in the industry, but a number of publishers don’t like it because of its strict policies. Moreover, Adsense don’t support adult content. But you don’t have to worry. There are a number of adult ad networks that can help you in monetizing your blog. TrafficJunky is the most popular one that is used by a number of publishers around the world.

TrafficJunky is not only the solution for the publishers, but the advertisers can also promote their products online on a number of websites and reach their targeted audience. We will explore more about it in TrafficJunky review alongside.

TrafficJunky – An Introduction


TrafficJunky has become one of the leading adult advertising platforms in less than a decade. It is a Canada based company headquartered at Montreal. Initially, it was started with a motive to offer services to the advertisers, but soon launched its services for the publishers as well. The hard efforts and a good technical team have made it the best and oldest adult advertising platforms of the world. It serves over 2.2 billion ad impressions to 141 million users each day. It is a dedicated CPM-based advertising solution.

TrafficJunky can make advertiser’s products reach to targeted audience and can help its publishers to make decent money by serving the advertiser’s ads. Using this premium ad network, the publisher can get competitive CPM rates.

Why you should be Using TrafficJunky?

There are a number of reasons to try TrafficJunky on your blog/website. Some of them have been listed here in TrafficJunky review. Check them out.


It uses the cutting-edge technologies to provide the best solution to its publishers and advertisers.

Referral Program

The referral program is offered to its advertisers. If any advertiser refers TrafficJunky to other advertisers then he/she will get 10% of total spending of the referred advertiser.

Account Security

TrafficJunky’s security features are just commendable. You may not find such features when comes to other ad-networks. You will receive instant SMS and email if any change on your ad campaign is made. It will help you stay safe.

Ultimate Features of TrafficJunky

TrafficJunky is a premium advertising network providing exclusive features to all its users. Both the publishers and the advertisers can be benefitted through it. Go through TrafficJunky review to know about its features.

  • It works on the CPM-bidding model which is very flexible and takes both advertisers and publishers to the win-win situation.
  • It only works on the productive banner ads format.
  • It provides a detailed reporting system to all its users helping them to sneak through the ad impressions, money deducted/unpaid revenue, and various other intricate details.
  • The advertiser gets 10% referral commission on referring a new advertiser.
  • The advertisers need to deposit a minimum sum of $25 to start with TrafficJunky. They can will as low as $0.01 for every 1000 impressions. A publisher can withdraw the earned money after completing $50 in his/her account.
  • It even offers geo-targeting features to the advertisers. Also, the publishers can choose from which advertiser they wish to display the ads on their website.

The Working of TrafficJunky

TrafficJunky works on the CPM-bidding model for advertisers as well as the publishers. You can determine the cost of advertising through a certain market value. TrafficJunky’s proprietary algorithms take care of the cost regulation on the basis of demand of the web traffic.

TrafficJunky for Publishers

TrafficJunky is the leading advertising solution for the publishers who are looking to monetize their adult blog. Any website can get the approval easily. There are no hard and fast terms for the same. Your blog should have decent traffic and appropriate content. Once your blog is approved for its Run of Network (RON), you can start the implementation of banner ads. The in-depth performance reports and revenue share information are provided to you using the spots management tool along with the reporting tool.

publisher panel


Its RON algorithm ranks the websites on the basis of clicks and conversion rates for determining the performance of the website.

Zone Formats

It offers different zone formats to its publishers. TrafficJunky has advertisers from throughout the world. You can display the ads of country specific advertisers on your blog/website.

Multi Platform Ads

The banner ads offered by Traffic Junky can convert themselves from desktop version to mobile version. These ad formats are responsive and give more conversions.


The dedicated account managers are given to the publishers. They work to ensure that the website has 100% fill rate and the publisher gets maximum CPM rates with right ad placements.

Flexible Payments

The payments are transferred to publisher’s account every week. It believes in NET7 payment method. The minimum balance should be $50 in the publisher account for initiation of the payment. The payments can be received through US wire transfer, International Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, and few other means.

TrafficJunky for Advertisers

TrafficJunky is the ideal solution for the advertisers who want to start low and test the service. It is serving over 2.2 billion ad impressions to 141 million users in the world. Here are some of the benefits offered by TrafficJunky to the advertisers.

advertiser panel

Low Starting Budget

The advertisers can start their first campaign at extremely low budget of $25. The impression rates can be as low as $0.01 for 1000 impressions.

Geo Targeting

The advertiser can target selective audience based on different locations of the world. Moreover, they can target audience on the basis of the device, operating system, and web browser too.

Select Ad Placement & Site

You can select the placement of your ads on the publisher’s website. It has over 2000 publishers in its RON network. Moreover, you can select the website on which you wish to display your ads.

ad placement

Referral Program

If the advertiser refers other advertiser then he/she gets 10% of the amount the referred advertiser spends.


TrafficJunky is by far the most popular adult advertising platform a publisher or advertiser is looking for. Being an advertiser you can always start low with your campaign and as it starts fetching the desired results, you can increase the amount spend on a campaign. The publishers can get to monetize their adult blogs with the ads from high-end advertisers and enhance the CPM rates

So why are you waiting? Sign up today and start earning more money.