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How To Increase Likes On Facebook Page in 2019? (Free)

How to increase facebook page likes automatically & free is a most widely search term in the internet. People do search for how to increase facebook page likes automatically on google and find various ways to increase likes on facebook page. We also receive lots of messages and feedback email regarding it. So today on the special demand of our visitors, we are sharing some awesome working tricks to increase facebook page likes on Qd Tricks.

The role of social media plays in today’s technology run era is seemingly interesting. People use social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc for various purposes.

But most people never know on how to increase the liking in social media sites like Facebook. Every SEO and campaign manager goes through the pain-stacking procedure of analyzing and implementing pilot techniques to see whether the given strategy gives results in small scale. We are here going to explain you some important facebook tricks and tips which can give you the answer of your query how to increase facebook page likes. Also checkout our recently shared facebook tricks “facebook unseen chrome extension” which will help you to disable facebook seen feature.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes?

It is not rocket science to increase Facebook page likes. Seriously, you do get variety of tactics online, but not all of them work and provide genuine results.

how to increase facebook page likes automatically

Social media has conquered the entire world today by all means. May it be for social use, personal use or professional use; social networking sites have a huge impact on everyone. Specially, social media sites like Facebook drive a lot of attention and bring enormous volume of traffic to your publicity or website if promoted properly. If you have a page on Facebook to publicize about your business or products or anything that requires marketing, then it is really important to know how well you have promoted your page. In order to make sales and earn money through Facebook publicity, it is necessary to get thousands of likes on your page, so that you can benefit more every day. The numbers of likes you receive represent the number of people following you or the number of people who like your products or work. This helps in developing trust in your brand and thus helps you make more sales.

Well, I understand at making a page is an easy task but then spreading it amongst so many people is a little difficult and developing contacts with people to increase your likes is even more difficult. Here, let us see different methods with which you can increase the likes on your Facebook page and get publicity.

There are some very amazing methods with which you can increase Facebook page likes and attract visitors to your page. They are as follows:

Updating Facebook Page

One of the most important means to increase Facebook page likes is to simply update the fan page. Basically, each time you update the fan page, you are creating a niche for increasing the number of likes. It is just like making people aware of what your Facebook is all about and trying to make them interested in it. In case you are not able to update the pages then you could try schedule post.

Sharing Something Different & New

This is the best tricks for how to increase likes on facebook page. Always try to share something which is quite interesting and new, it will really going to help you to increase Facebook page likes. Human minds are intriguing and it is always in the search for some knowledge and information. Sharing something new will attract people and it would easily boost the likes automatically. You could share some snaps and even put some information as your Facebook page status.

Use Giveaways and Organize Contests

Lots of people get attracted by contests and giveaways. Readers and followers who are going to like and follow your page will be excited with free giveaways and they will also invite other people and friends to take part in your contests. This will definitely increase a lot of traffic on your page.  To check the eligibility of people and genuineness, you can also add some rules to participate in the contests or include some activities for free giveaways. With this method you can increase Facebook page likes every week or every month.

Chose The Perfect Time to Share

Chose The Perfect Time to Share

Here choosing the time means selecting a particular time period to increase the Facebook like page. This is one of common tricks to increase facebook page likes. You could share live updates and feeds at various time schedules, for example, in Indian time, you could share between 7 pm and 9 pm. This is the time when more people will be online. Try to share at least five posts in a day.


Invite friends to increase facebook page likes

One of the important steps on how to increase facebook page likes is inviting your fans to like your page. Yes! This is the most useful and the easiest tip that you could do. With a single click of the ‘Invite Friends to like Your Page’, you could simply poke and send invitation to the members in your Facebook account to like your page. It is quite simple and easy to use too. You can definitely increase good amount of Facebook page likes with this method.

Post Valuable Content

One another very important thing is to make sure that whatever content you upload is unique and useful. If you post updates which are not useful, it might distract people and they may get disinterested in following you further.

Post Valuable Content on Facebook

If you do not have anything of your own to share with your readers, it is not necessary to keep on annoying them with unnecessary stuff. This will not increase Facebook page likes but on the contrary decrease it even more. Find some other useful information online and post it which you think might be helpful to your readers. They will be happy that you passed on something very useful to them rather.

Try this out once when you have lack of posts to update and see the results.

Create At Least 2 Pages

I am sure that you would not have heard about this method but there is nothing to worry about. This is as simple as its name. This strategy came to my notice from the Glen of Viperchill.com. There, in the Facebook guide of 1000 dollars, he has mentioned that two Facebook pages with the same topics and same contents with post updates at the same time can actually increase likes on Facebook page.

create 2 pages to increase facebook page likes

For example, if you see the Facebook pages of Car throttle and Car memes, there are exactly same. They share the same contents and topics. Also, the numbers of likes which are already more than q million are also the same on both pages. Not only this, it will also keep on increasing the traffic of your pages each day.

I would definitely recommend this method for trial at least once.

Adding Like Button to Your Website

tricks to increase facebook page likes

Just by having a like button on the left corner or top right of the website can be a good thing. You can easily get some new likes within minutes and every day and it is just like a popup present in your website.

Use Images and Memes

Visual are and have always been an important method of communication from before. People who are not much into reading also at times get attracted to read something if it is explained with beautiful images or Memes or any sort of visual content. Of course, even for using photos there is a category which you should not use or display. Just make sure that you use the correct images specially those which are not general stock photos. Photos more relevant to your content should be kept in focus.

use images and memes

If are trying to teach something through your article, find images or methods which are more attractive and simpler to understand through step by step method. By this, you will increase likes on Facebook page by more than 53%. Not only that you will definitely receive more than 83 % of click through and there is a guarantee of have more comments by 104%.

Now, that you can see that this method is also experimented, what are you waiting for?

Try to Post at the Best time

Now, what does trying to post at a best time mean? Now, there are some specific times and days when there is more traffic on Facebook. This would be the best time for you to utilize and post updates on your Facebook page. During this duration, you will receive lot of exposure and so more people will be able to view your update.

Days like Thursdays and Fridays engage a lot of people on Facebook and Days like Saturdays are the days when people share more on Facebook. Along with days, noon timings, say around 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm are best to post an update. During these hours especially on the days mentioned above, you are definitely going to receive an amazing outcome.

This method is tried and tested to increase likes on Facebook page.

Join Facebook Groups Related To Your Pages

This is one of the important tricks to increase Facebook page likes. You should find Facebook groups related to your niche and join it. Remember join those groups who having more than 20k group members. Now ping your Facebook page in that groups. You can even re share your Facebook page post to the group directly. It will also help in increase engagement of you facebook page.

Follow It

  • Invite You Fans for Like your Page
  • Always share Picture and Status Both
  • Always share something new
  • Always share Tow or Three Times
  • Always Update your fan page
  • Use HD Image for share on Page
  • Always share about latest Interest
  • You can add your Page in your Blog
  • Ping your page in your Facebook Group

Use Facebook Ads to Get More Likes

Use Facebook Ads to Get More Likes

Advertisement, as you all know is one of the strongest methods to make your work reach out to more than hundred thousands of people. That same method can be applied in Facebook as well. While most of the people are surfing through Facebook, they are likely to engage into ads in between. Promote your work at a very reasonable price and increase Facebook page likes in no time. Use eye-catchy images and publish your ad in the right audience. That’s all you have to do.

Are the Tricks On How To Increase Facebook Page Likes Really Worth?

Now, you all know that getting more and more like on Facebook is a very simple and easy task. With the methods mentioned above you will definitely increase Facebook page likes and with so much promotion you are likely to receive a lot of business from there.

To put in simple terms, they are various steps on how to increase likes on facebook page, but only if you use them in proper manner. One thing that you need to know is that it is not a difficult task but can be done in simple and easy steps. The more you share the more you get. We hope you like our post to increase facebook page likes easily. If you like it then you can even share this wonderful post with your friends. Use below given social media sharing options to share this awesome article. Bookmark this page to get more updates on how to increase facebook page likes.

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