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How to Get Lots of Youtube Comments For Free?

Youtube comment tricks with new scrape youtube comments tricks 2017. Hello Friends, Today i am going to share one of the most important Youtube new trick. This trick is about to get hundreds of comments on your Youtube videos for free. It is very simple and you dont need to have any special type of knowledge on your hand.

How To Get Lots Of Comments On YouTube?

Download Ultimate Comment Scrapper


First of all you are required to download the software called Ultimate Comment Scrapper:

This software is very famous according to many black hat forums. The crack of this software is been made many time and shared on many most popular sites and forums. But here we dont need for cracking this software. We can use it without cracking it.

  • After downloads you need to install this software in your pc. You will see various options when u get start with installation.
  • Here what we should focus is the “Harvesters” Section of the installation. Click on the YouTube check box.

Find Keywords For YouTube Comment

Now you will require to use some important keywords which are near to your YouTube videos i.e. Niche.

If you cant think enough keywords then we have one online tool which will work for you.

Tool name is “Uber Suggest

  • This tool will suggest you number of search ideas i.e. Keywords which are related to your main keywords.
  • For example if i am targeting keyword Xbox Live Codes, i will type it in the tool and then will get lots of keywords. Now when you click on the one keyword among them you will get 10 more keyword related to that keyword.
  • Click on Green Plus signs to add it in the list and then keep doing same for your desired keywords. It is the easy and a good way to get number of Keywords.

Now you have your desired keywords list, come back to the Ultimate Comment Scrapper and go to Keywords Section.

  • Paste all the keywords you have selected from Uber Suggest.
  • Click Start.
  • You are required to wait for a couple of minute, its all depends on number of keywords you are selected.
  • The software will scrape through hundreds of comments from Youtube which pertain your niche.
  • It will create the list of comments for you i.e. for your video.

ultimate comment scraper

Save & Export File

Click on save button and export to .txt file.

Open U2bviews

Open U2bviews from this link: U2bviews

The website is very famous. Most of you people know it very well. And if you dont know about it then in simple words it is a Youtube comment / subscriber sharing website

  • Go to My Videos -> U2Bviews and start adding your video in which you want to add the comments.
  • Here you are requires to add minimum of 250 views. So add those first and then be ready for the fun part.
  • Under comments you will see U2Bviews, just click on it. It will start boosting the comments for your video.
  • Now the fun parts begun. Bring that .txt file which you have created before. And add the comment which you think suitable for your video.
  • Manually paste it in the comment text field on U2Bviews, until you fill up all the text fields.

Submit The Video

Now submit your video and let the comments roll in!

Enjoy this best youtube tricks to get lots of comment on your youtube videos. If you like it then you can share it with your friends too. Click on any of your favourite social media site and share this amazing trick with all.

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