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How To Download Videos From Tune.PK?

It has become one of our habits to check out the latest videos of the movies or the music albums. Tune pk is the video sharing website though, but the users ask for how to download the videos from site. That is why; here we have presented the discussion on how you can get the feature of the tune pk video download without using any other third party video downloader software.

About Tune.PK

With several ups and downs, (Tune Pakistan) the video sharing website is available across all the OS platforms. The tune pk was launched in the year 2007 by the Pakistani brothers and the main aim was to promote the Pakistani music to the corners of the world. Keeping the political and state affairs in mind, the brothers had the strong positive view to offer the culture of the country just to clear the face of the Pakistan as being the house of terrorism. In this article we will let you know more about and trick for video download.

At the launch year, i.e. 2007, the brothers used the customized third party software, but it was taken down considering the usage of the unauthorized script by the host providers. Again after several failures, the site was launched in 2012 in the application category for the iOS & Android. This was the real success for the founders as it reached to the milestone where they had 100k visitors on the website per day. With several new add on features, the website took the plight reaching the great height of success in the digital world. In 2013, it went ahead cross border, thus launching it for the android users too. In this article we are going to show you the steps on how to download videos from

Tune.PK Video Download

how to download videos from

After all these features, yet one feature is lacking on the website that is video downloading feature. Tune pk has the features where users can watch the videos, upload and share them on the social platforms. But what the audience wants is to download the videos for the personal use. There are, though other websites and third party softwares which provide tune pk video downloading but the authentication is provided of such websites.

Therefore, many users search for how to download videos from without using any kind of software. Well, this is actually very much serious concern for the users of the and that is why we have the complete guide for the most common search on the Google. Tune.PK video download, there is no need to have any kind of applications or the rooting of the device. Just few steps and you can download the videos from the website. Majorly, the website shares the humorous videos which are watchful for every user across the globe.

How To Download Videos From Tune.PK?

With the help of the good internet connection, it will be very easy for you to download videos from the tune pk website. The tune pk video downloader is completely safe and secure too for the computer or on any device where you will download the videos.

Follow Below Given Steps To Download Videos From Tune.PK

  • Open the website (official).

open website

  • Search any kind of video from the search tool of the website
  • Click on the video and copy the url of the video

copy the url of the video

paste video url

  • After a while, the new tab will be opened. Wait few seconds.

  • Click on the download button and save the video in your computer

save video in your computer

  • Once the download has started, wait for the completion of the download.

Thus, this is very much quick and easy to use method to download the videos from the website.

Final Verdict

The registration is completely free for the users who would like to upload any videos or want to comment on any of the videos shared by the website. For watching them, there is no requirement for creating any account on the The headquarters of the tune pk is located in the PIA society, Lahore, Pakistan. It also has the offices at Karachi and Sialkot as well. It also the page for the movie buffs where the users can scroll about the latest movie trailers, teasers, clips of the TV series.

It offers the platform for the digital advertisements too across the globe. There are speculations of launching the download option on the official website of the tune pk, but yet the sources are unknown of this speculation. You can share the article of how to download videos from on the social platforms like Google, twitter or facebook. For any doubts regarding the video download, you can leave your message in the comment box, we will be happy to help you.

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