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7 Best Twitter Unfollow Tool To Unfollow Non-Followers

7 new working free twitter unfollow tool for unfollowing user who do not follow you. Today, On Qd Tricks we are going to share the top twitter unfollow tool which are the best tool to unfollow for twitter. As we receive lots of messages from our daily visitors to share the best list for free twitter unfollow tool. So here finally on the demand, we have listed out new and top unfollow twitter tool which are the best tool to unfollow for twitter.

Right from the initial usage of social media, individuals have been constantly oriented to connect and interact with people in various social media platforms. This can help in boosting engagements and help in developing relationships.

Basically, this is a good practice, however, in social media websites like Twitter, we have huge number of people whom we follow but they won’t be any individual who would follow us. So here we have listed out some of the best free twitter unfollow tool which will give you facility to unfollow them all quickly.

7 Best Twitter Unfollow Tool 2019

free twitter unfollow tool

Need of Twitter Unfollow Tool:

Basically, if there are less or no individuals following you, then it is not a good sign. This is because Twitter has got guidelines which states that it allows a user to follow about two thousand accounts more than the total number of users who are following. So, if you are finding a hard time in removing the inactive or fake Twitter profiles or the non-followers through manual procedure, then this article will show the seven best unfollow twitter tool for massing the unfollow of the non-followers.

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Why Is It Necessary For Unfollowing On Twitter?

The unfollow for twitter is one of the major aspects especially when you are doing it for a particular purpose. The basic reason on why it is ethical for unfollowing Twitter users are:

  • The biggest advantage of unfollowing the non-followers and using the twitter unfollow tool is it provides a basic chance for connecting with various Twitter users. Now this is because a Twitter user cannot follow about two thousand individuals or more who are following the user. Clearly, it means if a user does not remove the unfollowers or unfollow them, then he or she is missing out something.
  • There is no problem in unfollowing those users who constantly blast out various tweets. This would really help in lessening the clutters present in the newsfeed. So, if users are unfollowing individuals who are not compatible or related to the business, then it would easily provide them with huge amount of time to concentrate on others who provide enough opportunities for the user. Lets’ check out some of the major unfollow twitter tool/tools which can assist in the “unfollow cluster mission”

1. Manageflitter:

Manageflitter is a widely and commonly used unfollow twitter tool which is used to unfollow the non-follower or inactive users. Using this twitter unfollow tool, you can easily sort of the following or followers list present in the Twitter account and you can even find the new users whom you can follow along with getting a comprehensive search option. Plus this unfollow for twitter tool would help in keeping track of users who are unfollowing you.


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2. Friend or Follow:

This Friend or Follow is a simple unfollow twitter tool which helps in analyzing the given Twitter followers. It helps the user in unfollowing the individuals who are not following them on the Twitter. All the user has to do is sign on to the Twitter account and click on the list of users whom they don’t want to unfollow.

unfollow for twitter

3. Twitter Karma:

The Twitter Karma is one of the interactive twitter unfollow tool which not only unfollows users from the Twitter account but follows those potential users who are following the Twitter account. This particular feature makes Twitter Karma one of the best and widely used twitter unfollow tool.

tweet karma

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4. Twitter Counter:

Twittercounter one of the best unfollow for twitter tools for unfollowing bulk users. It is available in free version and you can easily track a Twitter account and check for the unfollowers easily.

twitter counter

5. CrowdFireApp:

The CrowdFireApp is one of the simple unfollow for twitter tool which users can use for unfollowing the Twitter users who are not following their account. There is a maximum limit of free unfollowers which is about fifty each day. Also the tool has got an unique feature called ‘Copy Followers’.


6. Tweepi:

Tweepi unfollow for twitter tool is important to Twitter just like how jetpack is for WordPress. It has got all the necessary things which would help in marketing and employing sales strategies in Twitter. Now coming to this twitter unfollow tool, the Tweepi is a rocker.


There are various kinds and ranges of filters which can be used for unfollowing with this tool. Basically, you can Tweepi for:

  • You can use the Tweepi for unfollowing individuals who are not following you back or those who have unfollowed you recently
  • You can unfollow individuals who have got spam profiles like having no picture (profile pictures) or default egg gravatar.
  • Tweepi is a great twitter unfollow tool which allows you to unfollow people who are talkative or you are very much quite
  • You can use this twitter unfollow tool for unfollowing individuals who speak different language from what you speak

7. SocialBro:

SocialBro is one of the powerful unfollow twitter tool which is very much necessary for your social media toolbox. Besides assisting the user to unfollow the mass twitter users, the SocialBro has got various other usages or functions such as:


  • Providing audience insight: With this unfollow for twitter tool, you get powerful and best insights about the stats of the followers
  • Analyzing the Competitors: Basically, this tool helps in keeping track of the progress as well as the efficiency of the twitter account of competitors through constant analyzing of the modifications in strategies, basic evolutions occurring along the given time frame, etc.
  • Collaboration: The twitter unfollow tool helps in handling those teammates who are working in the Twitter strategy. With this tool, user can take charge of which teammate has to gain or get access to the specific Twitter account.

The SocialBro twitter unfollow tool is very much simple but it has got a powerful interface. All you have to do is log into the SocialBro with the help of your Twitter account. Then you need to go to the dashboard and simply click on the community option which  is present in the top bar. This would then display the list of all the users and various filters which shows the unfollowers or individuals who are not following the users.

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Frankly, the procedure of unfollowing the non-followers is great and it helps in avoiding the particular Twitter account or profile from becoming spammy. In addition, to create an authoritative control, one needs to follow those accounts which give a value.

We hope you like this twitter unfollow tool 2019. If you have any doubts or having any query to ask, let us know via comments. If you like this unfollow twitter tool, you can even share this with your friends and family. To share use below given social media sharing buttons and share this unfollow for twitter tool with all. Bookmark this page to get future updates on twitter unfollow tool 2019.

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  • I normally use manageflitter or crowdfire, but Statusbrew or appunfollowers are good too. Good post 🙂