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How To Unblock Someone On Facebook? (Easy Ways)

How do you unblock someone on facebook? A most trending question on internet. People search to unblock someone on facebook many times on internet. Today on a special demand we are here sharing a best & easy guide to unblock blocked person on facebook.

Facebook is one of the most famous and best Websites in the Online Social World at present. It is also one of the few maximum used Websites from the past few years.

As much as Facebook is the most entertaining site of the social online world lately, it is also an automatic invitation to meet people you might not be knowing or willing to know or you would not want to talk to. In order to avoid or stay away from such people, there is a feature on Facebook through which you can block any unwanted person with whom you do not wish to be socially connected. You do not have to undergo the torment of thinking how to staying offline eve if you want to stay online. Once the users are educated about this, they are more happy and frequent users of Facebook.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook?

how do you unblock someone on facebook

As much as it is easy to block anyone on Facebook, at times you might end up blocking the wrong person. Now, what would one do in case they block the wrong person? What if they by mistake they blocked the wrong person due to a misunderstanding. How do you unblock someone on Facebook?

Well! If such is the case, then be completely assured. The way there is a method to block people in the same way, there is a method to unblock people on Facebook. Please read the following steps in order to learn how to unblock someone on Facebook.


Click on the Down arrow at the top right corner of your Facebook page as shown in the following screenshot. Now, click on the option named Settings.



Now from the left pane of the web page that pops up, there will be an option that says Blocking. Find it and Click on it.



In the right pane, you will find a section for managing blocks. Look for the sub section named Block users. You will be able to see all the users that you have blocked so far on Facebook exactly below the Block users field. Look for the person that you want to unblock. There will be a link that displays Unblock linked with that person. Click on the link.

manage blocking option


Next you will see a confirmation window. Only if you are so sure that you want to unblock this person, click on the Confirm button.

confirmation message

Because once the person is unblocked, it will not be possible to block him/her again in another 48 hours. This can become risky in case of any safety issues.

This is the simplest method to unblock someone on Facebook. So this is how you can get rid of someone so annoying on Facebook. And once you feel like you have changed your mind about them or want to give them a chance, you can unblock them as well. Hope you found the method to unblock someone on Facebook easy and useful. Now, if someone asks you how do you unblock someone on Facebook! You will be able to teach them the above steps very easily.

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