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Website Scheduler: Open Website At Certain Date & Time

Certain people are always running short of time, and majorly we call them businesspeople. For the bloggers, it is always wise to do some research on the web to create the right content. Well, not restricted to the particular audience, but the convenience to open and read the website on the scheduled date and time is useful.

Open Me Later

website scheduler

No. we are not telling you to do so except if you are running with the tight schedule or routine and do not have time to read the post from the web. The increased use of changing technology has led to the comfort which we sometimes are unable to escape. Right from the booking the tickets of train, flights or bus to doing the online shopping, the technology has become the part of our everyday life. In the busy schedule, we can understand not everyone can multitask, though some of you must be a pro at it. The routine has become an essential part of the lives that anything goes out of the way, we feel uncomfortable.

Reading the content on the website, we think, do not require any particular time or some dedicated hours to be given, unless you are the blogger. To collect the data of the same subject is, sometimes the tackiest and hardest thing to do because not every data shared on the web can be obtained at the same time. For a reason, we believe, something can be scheduled for later or let’s say can be postponed for the slow reading. The Google chrome is not just the browser but also the easiest way to enjoy the comfort, at the technological level.

Under the Google chrome, the store has the different extensions for various categories with variant functions. One of them is, open me later! Well, the extension is convenient for those who want to read several websites at a time, but are unable to do so. You can bookmark certain sites which can be visible on the taskbar of the screen, but how many websites will you bookmark? Maybe five or maximum ten. The open me later! Extension will help you to open the website at the particular time and date. For the simple understanding, the extension is helpful when you need to most.

How To Use Open Me Later?

The open me later! Extension is straightforward and simple to use. If suppose you have to submit the information on CIA officials the day after tomorrow. You can schedule certain websites to open on the particular time and date, which will let you stay relax without remembering the name of the website. Still confused? Follow the guidelines:

Google Chrome Browser

To use the open me later! It is advisable to use the Google Chrome browser rather than any other browser.

Install Open Me Later

From the chrome web store, install the open me later! Extension developed by the Techwyse.

open me later plugin for chrome

Schedule The Web Page

The extension will help you to schedule the websites or web pages on the specified date and time.

Open Your Website

After the extension installation, open the website which you would like to access later on.


Click on the icon of the extension from the browser taskbar. The calendar is located in the top left corner of the plugin interface. Use arrow to select the month you’d like the website or page to open, and hit the day highlighting in green bubble.

website date scheduleSelect Your Option

Select the option of new tab or new window where you would like to open your scheduled website page.

select optionDaily or Every Week On The Day Option

daily or every week scheduling optionsOpen Me Later

open me later optionManage Schedule

manage scheduleThat’s it! Now the website will open on the entered date and time on your browser.

If you want to change the scheduled time and date of any sites, just click on clock icon, which is visible on the screen, right below the days.

Final Words

You can control the extensions by using the arrows and also with the same you can make the alterations on the open me later! Extension. The extension is quite helpful for those who like to access through the important websites but due to the lack of time they cannot. Maybe if you are not good at multitasking, try your hand on the open me later! Extension for the websites to be launched on the specific date and time.

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