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How To Use WhatsApp Sniffer Application?

Today we will talk about whatsapp sniffer apk, their usage and the links to download whatsapp sniffer application for free. You can easily download whatsapp sniffer apk read whatsapp free from our website. We have recently updated the links of whatsapp sniffer. Please follow the latest download links to download.

WhatsApp is one of the most active and the most trending social networking plus chatting service in today’s world of digital technology. It not only allows you to chat but also provides services for sharing videos, photos, contacts and what not. Most importantly, it is free of cost. All you need is an active internet connection for it. Over these few years, it has won over millions of hearts. Each and every person using a smartphone will surely be active on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has changed the messaging service of the digital generation.

About WhatsApp Sniffer

Have you ever wondered looking into the accounts of your friends or relatives? Have you ever had friends who have been constantly active on WhatsApp while you have been with them and did you ever think about the fact of what they were doing with WhatsApp?

We, it you have been intending to play such pranks with your friends or spy on them for a while, and then WhatsApp Sniffer is definitely for you. Yes, WhatsApp Sniffer is an app which permits you to check and spy on the WhatsApp accounts of others.

WhatsApp Sniffer gives you unrestrained access to spy into anyone’s privacy and enter into their personal lives by checking their photos, videos and messages.

WhatsApp Sniffer Apk

whatsapp sniffer android

WhatsApp Sniffer is only meant for WhatsApp spying and is free of cost. This means that you can get WhatsApp Sniffer apk download android so free  so you can now spy and keep an eye on the people you want to and check their texts, photos and videos without any charges.

NOTE: This Article Is Just For The Educational Purpose Only, We Are Not Responsible For Any Damage

One thing that you might know about WhatsApp is that the developers have not kept any encryption for sending or receiving messages. As a result of which, it becomes easy to spy anyone’s WhatsApp account and check their texts.

This is where the WhatsApp Sniffer comes in. There is a special condition for it to work. In order to spy anyone’s WhatsApp account with the Sniffer you need to have the same network as the one that you are going to spy. This means that the spying device and the checked device need to be of the same network.

How Does The WhatsApp Sniffer Work?

To bring to your notice this app works in Android and iOS. The process of using this app is very simple. All you need is the WhatsApp Sniffer apk download android app and run in it the same area of the device you want to spy.

You will be very happy to know that you do not require a jailbreak version of the iPhone or a rooted Android Phone. The WhatsApp Sniffer works without them as well. It is also known as the Wi-Fi Sniffer apk.

Features Of WhatsApp Sniffer Apk

features of whatsapp sniffer

Think that in your house has a Wi-Fi Connection, lots of people in your house use the identical Wi-Fi connection. Here, WhatsApp Sniffer tricks work wonderful, if your family members are utilizing WhatsApp and you would like to know all of the movies from your family members with chat, audios, and program. WhatsApp sniffer app enables you to find text messages, sound, and videos in the exact same Wi-Fi phones. It provides both free and paid services.

  • There are notifications available to inform you when the messages are bagged
  • It allows you to read incoming and outgoing conversations from any device
  • Different conversations are grouped according to their phone numbers
  • It also matches the phone numbers that have been hacked

There are few others features which are there but they are not available in the free version. For that you need the WhatsApp Sniffer Donate version. They are listed below as following:

Advantages Of WhatsApp Sniffer Application

  • The entire conversation can be seen unlike the free version where only the parts of messages can be read.
  • It is ad-free.
  • You can keep only the free conversations the rest you can delete.

I personally promote the Donate version more than the free version and so I am sharing with you the download option for the WhatsApp Sniffer apk download android. With this you can install the app for free and start spying other WhatsApp accounts.

How To Use WhatsApp Sniffer?


  • Root your device
  • Enable third-party installation (.APK from settings)
  • Check below given steps

Download WhatsApp Sniffer

The first thing to do is download the WhatsApp Sniffer apk from the link provided below:

Download WhatsApp Sniffer Apk

Application Name WhatsApp Sniffer Apk
Application Size38.12 MB
Roots RequiredNo Root
Operating SystemAndorid, iOS
Last Date Of Update04th Sep 2018

NOTE: This Article Is Just For The Educational Purpose Only, We Are Not Responsible For Any Damage

Install WhatsApp Sniffer

Click on the apk download file to install it

install whatsapp sniffer apk

Open The Application In Mobile

That’s it. Open the app after you have installed it successfully and start spying the conversations near to you

use sniffer application


This is how simple it is. You are a spy already. Get spying.

Wrapping It Up

This simple process of using this whatsapp sniffer app and spying on others can be real fun if you follow the steps properly. This app is really fun to use. Just take care that you do not misuse it by any chance. In case of any queries, inform us through the comment box below. Solving your problems is our duty and we will like to help you in any possible manner. Pass the word for WhatsApp Sniffer Apk and share it with your fun to start up a spy agency.

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