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How To Disable Internet Of Others By NetCut: Wifikill For PC

WifiKill for PC helps the admin to sever the connection of other users from the PC. Some people might have already used this kind of application on android device and be familiar with the term WiFi Kill.

If you’re unaware of the wifi kill for pc application then don’t worry, it’s as simple and efficient as it gets. If someone is using the wifi connection and you don’t want them to burn you data then install WiFiKill For PC and block those pesky users.

If you  want to use this application in your computer alongside your android device then you’re welcome to do so. The only exception to the unavailability of wi-fi kill are Blackberry devices.

About WiFikill For PC

The software that disables other users from interfering on the network is called NetCut – A Wifi Kill App For PC. It helps to kill the connection and you can download it from the below-mentioned link.

wifi kill for pc 2019

NetCut works in following Operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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NetCut is best to use when you are on a peer-to-peer connection like on cybercafe, schools, college labs,etc where servers are placed.

If you’re fretting about the space that it’d consume then NetCut tops in utility/space consumes as it occupies only 2MB.

As such this guide is for only educational purpose I’d love to point out at this juncture that it’s wise to use the wifikill on private connections. Refrain from using it in a public place.

Cool Features Of NetCut

One can use NetCut on a peer -to -peer setup like school, cafes, college labs, office, etc. It has no virus and easy interface, as such it’s user friendly. Here are some features of NetCut:

  • NetCut Wifi kill for pc is equiped WiFi analyzer, which performs an analysis on your WiFi connection and pinpoints the exact address of the devices in use.
  • You can view which users are connected to your WiFi as NetCut gives full information about the Mac Address and IP address.
  • As a moderator you have the full control on the devices and check how much a specific user is consuming your WiFi data.
  • Easy to kill connection with NetCut WifiKill for PC.
  • User friendly and ease of interface.


Basic Requirements To Use Wifi Kill On PC

  • A personal computer with any Operating System from Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or windows 10
  • Download and install NetCut wifi kill for pc application from below mentioned link
  • You must have connection to sever and kill

Download NetCut WifiKill For PC 2019


[This is an educational article for providing you with useful tip and trick relating to wifi connections. And it is recommended to use this for private connections. Please refrain from using this in a public spot.]

How to Use Wifi Kill For PC To Kill Wifi Connection Of Others?

Download Application

Download and install Netcut from the link given above

Install Application

netcut application installation

Fast-forward to next and finish the installation procedure.

Restart Computer

restart computer to finish installation

As soon as you finish the installation procedure the pop-up will ask you to restart your PC. It’s recommended to restart when you first download this app.

Scissor Shaped App Icon

scissor shape netcut icon

On the tray, at the bottom of your screen there will be a scissor shaped app which indicates NetCut.

Scan The Software

Wait. And let the software scan all the devices that are connected to PC.

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List Of IP Address

kill wifi ip address

After the scan you will get the list of IP address that are connected with the server. Simply select and press the Cut Off button to kill the connection.


After this most certainly your internet speed will increase, check and reaffirm the fact if you’d like.



This is an educational article for providing you with useful tip and trick relating to wifi connections. And it is recommended to use this wifi kill for pc for private connections. Please refrain from using this in a public spot.

Here’s to a faster speed and discarding the unwanted connections, and hoping that you enjoy this software. Share this wifikill for pc article with your friends if you find it useful. And in case if you’re troubled with any step feel free to drop your queries in the comment section. Have a good time!!!

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