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How To Recover Lost Data From Hard Drive Using Wondershare?

As we know sometimes we accidentally deleted or lost some files include photos, videos etc on our mobile. That time we think we do not have any scope to get it all back. So here in the article we are sharing one software with the help of, you will be able to recover all your lost data from your mobile phone.

How to Recover lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive from Hard Drive?

Have you lost your photos, videos, music or Archives on your hard drive and you are looking for a way to restore them? Well, this article shows you how to restore all that data using the best data recovery tool.

Why you need Hard Drive Data Recovery?

The reason why we store data on hard drive is simply because of its large capacity storage. Depending on the size of your hard drive you can be able to store data types photos, music, videos, documents and archives. However, your hard drive may get damaged or you may format or partition it and you end up losing data. Losing data on your hard drive will force you to have a data recovery software so that you can use it to restore data. Therefore, it is important to have a hard drive data recovery tool with you besides doing a backup of data. If you are looking to restore the data on android mobile then visit this link to get working methods to recover deleted files on android.

Recommended Data Recovery Tool – Wondershare Data Recovery

If you want to recover lost data from Hard Drive, then you need to use Wondershare Data Recovery software. This software is well built to enable you restore files such as documents, audios, videos, photos, emails and archives effortlessly. The process of recovering files is simple since you only have to choose recovery mode, scan and recover your lost files. Moreover, it is built with deep scan option that allows you to recover all your data from your hard drive or any other supported device.

Other features of Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

  • It has five recovery modes: Wizard Recovery, Resume Recovery, Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, and Raw Recovery.
  • With this data recovery software you will be able to recover files from different devices such Hard Drives, Memory cards, Flash drive, digital camera camcorder, Removable disks and others
  • It supports hard drives from different companies like Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and much more.
  • Wondershare data recovery software can retrieve data whether you deleted them, formatted device, improper partition, factory reset or data lost to sudden power outage.
  • It can retrieve data from devices formatted to file systems lie FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS exFAT
  • It has a free trial version.
  • To be able to download and install this software on your computer you require 100MB free hard drive space.
  • It supports Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9,10.10 and 10.11
  • It works with Windows OS 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista.

Step by Step guide on how to recover lost data from hard drive using Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Next we need to see how to recover data from your hard drive using the Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows.

Step 1. Open the program

Open the installed Wondershare Data Recovery software on your computer, and connect the hard drive to the computer.

Step 2. Select Recovery Mode

On the program window, click on “Standard Mode” and then from the list click on “Lost File Recovery” option. This option will enable you recover that you may have lost by emptying recycle bin, formatting or deleting by clicking Shift + Delete.

select recovery mode

Step 3. Select a Path

 Next, you need to choose the path that you lost your Photos, Videos, and Archives. Just click on the specific path, scroll down and mark on “Enable Deep Scan” if you want to perform comprehensive scan. After that click on “Start”.

select the path

Step 4. Scan and Preview

The data recovery will immediately begin to scan for the lost files on your hard drive. The retrieved files will be displayed on the right side of the program according to File type and its path. Click on each file to have a quick preview.

scam review recovered file

Step 5. Recover Lost Files

After you have previewed the files, you can mark on those that you want to recover. From there, move to the right bottom and click on “Recover” button to restore the files to your hard drive. You will then have to choose where to save the files and finally save them.

You can also click on “Save Scan” to save all what you have restored. This makes it easier to retrieve the scanned files instead of having to scan them again.

Tips for hard drive Data Recovery

Hard drives are reliable storage devices thus you need to know how to handle them to avoid data loss in future.

  • Ensure you always do a backup of files on your hard drive frequently.
  • When you lose data on your hard drive, you need to stop using immediately to avoid overwriting new data on it.
  • Always install antivirus to avoid virus attack or any malware.
  • Store your hard drives well and keep them off extreme temperatures and dust.
  • If you are using Mac, you can install Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac to restore lost data on your device.

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