20 Best Legitimate Work From Home Job Ideas 2019

If you are looking for best legitimate work from home jobs, then this is the place to start. One of the most amazing things that I have tried in this year is working from home and trust me it has turned out well for me! Hence my inclination for writing this post to explain how to find best work from home jobs can be fun and also can add to your productivity and knowledge.

Not only is it important that you enjoy the work you are doing, but it is equally important that you take up a work that is legitimate.

Since work from home is usually considered a part time or freelance engagement, there are chances that the quality of work or the legitimacy of the work might be compromised! This article will help you analyse legitimate work from home jobs and bring you a comprehensive summary of working from home.

Best Legitimate Work From Home Jobs 2019

legit work from home jobs 2019


When looking for best work from home jobs make sure you are well aware of the trades of scam alert! You need to have your facts checked that the job is not actually a scam. But how do you go about it? How to find legit work from home jobs?

Follow the below steps:

  • Make sure the company that is hiring you is an established company
  • The email address put up in the job advertisement has the company domain name, so as to know that the company is legit
  • The company should have a Human Resource contact that can help you with the questions you have about the legitimate work at home jobs
  • In order to gauge if it is a legit work from home jobs you can always check the advertisement in detail. It should provide information about the facilities and services provided by the company for its work from home employees
  • The best work from home jobs ideally have an application and interview process to be followed, which shows it is legitimate
  • Legitimate work from home jobs will have a detailed job description
  • If you are shortlisted for working from home they should ask you for references and sample work

Customer Service Representatives/ Call Center Executives

customer service representatives work from home

A great opportunity for legitimate work at home jobs is to be a representative! There are multiple American companies that use the outsourcing service to answer customer calls and they also pay well for these jobs! This is no doubt one of the best work from home jobs which will ideally pay you in a range of $8 to $15 per hour!

The remuneration varies of course basis of the experience of the candidate. All you need to bag this legitimate work at home jobs is a high speed internet, a landline phone, and excellent customer service skills and communication knowledge!

A caution note is this job is not advisable for stay at home moms with young kids, as it requires utmost attention and focus! A brilliant legit work from home jobs with amazing pay scales!

Customer Service Representative Jobs Links


Right when you are reading this post to find a legit work from home jobs the company is hiring across multiple states! Their interview is extensive and it lasts for as long as two hours and is done on phone and will also require an active computer with you!

The company has excellent rating at Glassdoor showing a range of remuneration from $9.42 to $9.67 per hour! Especially for the US employees they have an offer of limited medical, dental and vision healthcare plans for those working from home.

Not only this, the job is so legitimate work from home jobs that it also offers a 401K and paid leaves or cash benefits!

Tech Support Provider

tech support provide legitimate work from home jobs

Now this is one tricky yet best work from home jobs as technology never dies and the dearth never ends! Usually these legit work from home jobs are all about provide tech support that should cover a lot of the customer related service questions.

Indeed these jobs have a definite skill set requirement and hence the pay also varies greatly on the experience and the skills sets! This is by far one of the best and legitimate work at home jobs.

Tech Support Provider Job Links

Search Engine Evaluator

search engine evaluator working from home

Did you know that when you make a search in Google search engine the search engine runs optimizations to bring to you the best results! However even the machine can falter and so does some Google searches!

This is where the need for a search engine evaluation comes in role! Search engine evaluator is a legit work from home jobs and also has a handsome pay of $10 to $15 per hour!

Search Engine Evaluator Work From Home Links

Alorica at Home!

legitimate work from home with alorica

This company was formerly known as West at Home, and now it has been renamed to Alorica at Home! The USP of this firm is to that it has home based agents working from multiple locations in a number of more than thousands.

This is a considerably best work from home jobs as it has amazing reviews on Glassdoor! One of the employee has mentioned that they provide flexibility in terms of work timings, which is needed for most people working from home! The pay provided per hour ranges around $9 per hour. The company benefits are multiple from flexibility, no dress code requirement and also no hassle for commute. Sit and home and enjoy legitimate work at home jobs.

It also gives the advantages of availing the medical and dental benefits given by outside providers.

Alorica at Home Provide Following Benefits

  • Flexibility: Set your own hours and work with your schedule.
  • No Commute
  • No Dress Code: Wear what you want to wear. No dry cleaning bills.
  • Dental and Medical Benefits: You can take the advantage of medical & dental benefits from the outside provider.
  • Work From Home: Most importantly, you can work from the privacy and comfort from your own home.

Data Entry Worker

data entry worker jobs

This is one of the simplest and best work from home jobs. All you need to do is input information for companies from the input provided to the programs codes and computer programs.

What are the key skills required to be good at this job? For this legitimate work from home jobs all you need is an excellent typing skill, a fully functional computer and an excellent speed internet connection at home!

The skill set for some particular data entry jobs may vary basis of the requirement for that project. Not only this, it also has the flexibility to pay per hour, per project or as per the number of words entered.

Though most online data entry jobs for work from home options provides lower pay grades, it is a steadily increase field where your experience matures you for better pay scales.

List Of Data Entry Work Provider Websites

Tele Tech

Tele tech is an amazing and best work from home jobs options which provides with contracts that are being laid out with more than 40,000 employees. And these employees speak more than 51 global languages.

A lot of these employees work at the call centers, but this company also hires for work from option, which makes it an amazing opportunity. All you need to do is enter @home as your work location!

According to, they pay wages changes on the basis of the location and the project skills required, however, an ideal pay is $8.50 to $10.50. Moreover the employees get a 401K and they can avail holiday, dental and health benefits that the company provides.

General Transcriber/ Transcriptionist

The job of a transcriber is to listen to the audio recorders and translate it to the local language. Polylingual people who are interested in working from home can grab this amazing legitimate work from home jobs and type transcribe of college lectures, court hearings, and convert them into documents for future reference.

This is a highly varied ranging skill set and pay scale project requirement based scale. However, a median salary pay described in one of the recent years is $16.36 per hour! Avail these amazing opportunity of legitimate work at home jobs.

General Transcriber Or Transcriptionist Jobs Links

VIP Desk Connect

Just as most of these companies are, as the name suggests, these companies provide options legitimate work from home jobs for outsourcing customer services for 24 hours a day and all-round the year!

According to you can find a range of salaries ranging from $9.16 to $15.33 per hour! The company also provides paid vacations which is amazing for a legitimate work from home jobs along with holidays, medical, dental and vision benefits for full time employees.

Document Translator

document translator work from home

Do you have the skills of multiple languages? This job is for you! These document translators translate documents from online language to another, and get paid well for this job! You do not require to commute to office for this, you can sit at home and enjoy the work!

You need a good grammar grasp to translate the documents and hence cover the translation from one language to another excellently.

Document Translator Job Links

Online Tutor

It has been a service offered for decades. Now with the advent of internet we are having the liberty to offer these services from home! If you have a flair for a particular subject this is the job for you!

Go ahead and use your teaching skills and subject expertise to earn money by taking up teach from home options in the world of online tutoring! All you need is a functional computer and a good internet connection and of course a knowledge for the work!!

List Of Best Websites To Get Tutoring Jobs Online



Though their website may mention that you need no interview process to get selected in this field, it does have a screening process, which makes it a legitimate work from home jobs.

Their screening process includes an aptitude test, hence making it important to know what they want for the job. Ideally they have call centers operating from multiple locations, to be precise 31 across the globe, but they hire people who want to work from home!

According to the Gazette report of 2011 iQor hired almost 100 people who were given the work from home option and they were called the work from home agents. This happen3d in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Though there is no definite clarity of the benefits offered to employees in other locations, the article mentions that benefits are not available to people who work from home!

Freelance Jobs

The world has not emerged to the drop where you want to work from home and freelancing is the new blue collar! Freelancer is highly popular for people looking for work from home jobs! Also you have the liberty to work for more than one client at a time!

List Of Freelance Websites

Freelance Blogger

Though freelance bloggers do not earn as well as magazine article writers, it is definitely a good option for work from home jobs and it is also legit. You can write multiple blogs for varied categories and businesses.

The pay scale for this ranges from $20 to $300 per blog which is a lucrative opportunity!

I am personally involved in this freelance blogging business and it has been amazing to work and earn at our liberty and with such good remuneration! Visit this link to learn blogger seo tips and tricks.

Web Designer

web designer

If you have been in the creative field and now you are looking for freelance jobs, this is a booming market! Though it is no news that a lot of people learn web design from trial and error, but the opportunity to learn while you earn is quite commendable!

Web Designer Work From Home Links

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is nothing but the role of an assistant virtualised. Your client might have a wide range of work duties that they want you to fulfill. For example, completing tasks, arranging tasks and multiple others basis of the client project and requirements.

Some common functions are performing social media management activities, e-mailers and managing emails, gauging the email outreach, scheduling regular email and blog posts, searching appropriate pictures etc.

Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs Online?

Writing for Content Mills

Content mills are ideally online platforms which provide bulk writing opportunities. You can choose the articles you would like to write and then you get a good pay for these articles. Though you need to submit a sample article while signing up, but it is not a very tedious or difficult process to get through!

Some Content Mills You Can Check Out

Go Get Working!

With this long and detailed explained list of multiple legitimate work from home jobs, we wish you a very good luck for the future endeavors and we hope you find amazing opportunities out there in the world of web to work and earn sitting at the comfort of your home without getting duped! Hope you enjoyed thisĀ best work from home jobs and it was of help. Bookmark this page to get more updates on legit work from home jobs 2019.

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